Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex...

Oh God ,... Please! She didn't just say "sex"?

Yup,.. She sure did,.. she said, sex.


Oh come on,.. Chill!,.. Sweets.

I actually want to talk about " Sexual Transmutation".

It's really quite simple,.. you know that sparkling spot around the sacred sacrum?

Well,.. when we are plugged in to God Consciousness
it starts to feel warm and glowy in that cosmic corner.
Ummm! Can ya feel that?

Sow now we feel that energy and resource it to travel throughout the body,..

Basking in beatitude,.. Boldly going where no man has gone before,.. into the spaces around the protons, electrons, neutrons and quarks. Ooooh! See,.. then those spaces get glowy and warm.

Fantastic furnace forwarding Cosmic Current through my instrument so fine,...

So we circulate and circulate, pausing only to Breathe.
Ummm,.. Sweet Breath...Sweet, Sweet Breath.

So I ask, all aglow, " What's your Pleasure?"

Oh.. Ha Ha Ha,.. You Know!

"Let me Be this Love, like a shining star,
destined to radiate ten trillion points of Love Light
into this Universe that stands ready."


  1. Now That's getting the New Year off right!
    Enjoy You Holy Cosmic Sex Goddess!

  2. It takes ONE to Know ONE **V**
    Shine on Harvest Moon!
    Feels so right!

  3. She sure did! 2010 is so much fun already!!

    "What's your pleasure?"
    Now that's a fine question.
    Desire comes before creation

    Gotta roll! Ten trillion points of light to visit with and whatnot....

  4. Oooh you little Venus Vixens!


  5. Hey Girls, I'm startin' to get the hang of this! Last night, I placed a Holy Heating Pad, Emmiting Euphoric Electrical Energy on my Sacred Sacrum because I was freezing my Blessed Bottom Off!!!


    (Oh well, I like a little Drama, shine on Leo moon!)