Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buy A Donkey

You know, when you buy a Donkey, that is just the beginning.
You have to be able and willing to maintain the Donkey.
Indeed, you have to be prepared to feed the Donkey,
to Love the Donkey and to create a space for the Donkey.

Then you and the Donkey will come to understand
your purpose in being together,..
and intuitively know when it is time to journey apart...

The most important thing when you buy a Donkey
is to treat each moment as a sacred gift,..
even the not so pretty moments ,..
like the smelly moments or the 'Bessy" moments/days....

I tell you friend, wholeheartedly,
if your Spirit leads you to buy a Donkey,.. TRUST IT,
letting go of expectations and agendas,...
so that you and your beautiful golden heart
will be open to receive what already IS,...

ps. Take heed,.. there are those who would look upon such a
sacred companion and only see an ass.


  1. LOL! Perhaps the Donkey is here to un-Earth my Horses Ass! I am contemplating creating an Intense, Exotic, Flowing with Sacred Beauty Henna Heart Tatoo to place on my left palm. That way there, when the delicate fabric of solitude within my experiences is 'Burro'ed with lessor energy, I will gently raise my palm branch and say "Talk to the Hand" and he will know to go and speak to his Heart. Pretty cool huh? Love You, <3~*~*~*

    PS Dig this, many feel the Donkey is God carrying the Prophet to Heaven. They embody Perseverance, Servitude, Spiritual Dedication, undying Faith in the creative force and, check this out, learning how to say NO and being responsible for ones own well being!

    Hossana Away Holy Sis-toohr! He haw!
    Hey maybe Shannon will design them for all of us?!!!

  2. GoldenI... I LOVE that idea! Um but i'd like my Heart on a different spot,
    over the sacred sacrum,...Oh God Its so good,... your Idea.

    What do ya say Shannon? You IN?

    Oh and thanks for all the insights that you share. You add so much... Yes, we witness and experience the ordinary become extraordinary.
    Is that a kin to becoming ordained?
    tee hee tee hee
    Love you too, sistor!

  3. I am really missing 'out' on our Sacred Sacrum! It's 'amiss'tery to me!
    I know Scorpio loves Mysteries, but please don't be Mysterious, sounds too yummy!
    Ordain the Ordinary Girl here Girl!
    Could ya send me the recipe please!?

    Sacred Sacum phone Home *:) It's actually 9:11 here!!

  4. IN! You know it!

    That 'seeing an ass' gave me laughs!
    Yes ditto thanks for the donkey info. Huh! I guess we really do want to ride that donkey donkey.

    ...and Palms, hearts of Palm!

    So funny you should mention it! I have been imagining some kind of tattoo. Heart-like, sun-like thing. It's in the ethers- don't know when it'll land! I wanted to put mine on my heart!

    My favorite movie line! Ace Ventura! "Maybe I'll give ya a call! Your number still 911?"

    :D Love love all around...

  5. "Revelations Like Tongues Of Fire Flamed
    Vivid Visions Of Donkey Truth!!!!!!
    And I Saw High In The Heavens,
    An Infinite Flash, Of Naked Ass!"

    What A Seer 'I AM'!