Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Right Way

In being born we are entered into an experience...
What is our purpose? What are we suppose to do?
With out a clear Voice coming down from the heavens,
we are left to our own devices, as we navigate through each day.
Sometimes we simply or painstakingly drift. What is the right way?

The answers to these questions are personal,
like having a dress or suit tailored.
I used to think there was a formula I could follow.
Well, there are formulas...And I have followed them for a while.
They are in my tool box now... if I need them.

I was so happy to happen upon the scripture that talks about how
we are all parts of the mystical Body of Christ.
Each with their own purpose and way of moving through
this Earth experience. That explained so much.
Some people are the Feet. They move around a lot, explorers maybe.
Others are the Eyes, the seers.
Those in the healing professions might be considered the Hands.
And there are those who are the Bowels. Yes the bowels of Christ, can you imagine!
I think I can list a few people I have met that would represent that part.
But, you know in all fairness bowels are sacred too.
Have you ever had them stop working?
You know how that would destroy the whole body.
Yeah, so we need the bowels.
Good, settled then.

Maybe as we evolve we gain awareness of more and more parts.
At some point maybe that leads us to being the whole holy Being,
able to initiate action or to be still, serving the requirements
of the moment. Our feet bring us along a path,
our eyes witness the full spectrum of life, our hands reach out
to heal, to hold, to create and to touch another soul,
the bowels let go again and again of what is no longer required,
that which has completed its time.

I think in history we have gotten into trouble trying to make others
conform to a particular way instead of empowering people to trust
their own way of tapping into what is right, to what reveals peace.
In the beginning we rely on others to teach us the ways of the world.
Then we grow to know that we must let go of most of the programming
by others to initiate our own sacred program...
to realize Peace and be Love.