Sunday, July 31, 2011

See, the advantage of being accustomed to so very little is that we learn the art and skill of producing great things out of nearly nothing. Now that’s Alchemy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Rainbow Mohawk

A three day party is in order. 31 today! 3+1=4(New Beginnings)

Love is Love, it does not need an introduction.

Climbing to great heights.

Sending this strong man off to the U S Army. What an honor.

Well, things have a way of working themselves out.
Here is to higher ground on the cutting edge.

Artistic Surgery, War and Peace Paint or Telling Tattoos.

Love, Love , Love... and TRUST!

Karmic Connection...
This is Will and Adrian. Adrian asked Will to spray him in the face with mace a few nights ago. So Will, being a loyal friend, obliged. Adrian reported that he was in excruciating pain for 3 hours. He admits that he wouldn't do it again and would try to stop others from taking such action. I always knew he had a 'special' purpose in this troubled world.

The After Party.

The morning after the after party.

The Birth Day July 24, 2011

Got to Love those Leos.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Elephant and the Star

There will be times when we feel like we are being crushed by an elephant and times when we are shining like the brightest star… Just be assured that the ebb and flow will continue with a seed of one nestled in the bosom of the other. And it is in that flux that we come to know a peaceful neutrality that governs what is eternally true.

Thus our awareness expands again and again, enthusiastically enlisting us to passionately participate in what is temporary,

this Sacred Life.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Dragon And The Girl

Once there was a great Dragon, fierce and mean.

The flower child of God, glimpsed him

from the portal of the minds eye.

Of his fire, she was not afraid.

Scales she saw over his eyes, swords driven into his Heart.

And though his clever tact and heated breath melted the Steel

… still he carried the pieces of old, lodged in his own failing heart.

In the astral plane he spewed his acid, rendering her exposed to his

radar, ruling the heavens as he often did. She was present at that moment.

I tell you the truth, what she felt was a cool shower of stardust raining down on her body.

Then the craft left, flying off into the distance but he remained, hardened, however curious.

I don’t think he had ever before seen a flower… like this.

After that, the great Dragon hid in Mexico behind a shamans cross…

understanding he had been found… wanting to remain hidden in his solitude,

asleep on a bed of cactus needles, a gift from an old friend,

an imprint worn like a belt, holding together his armor.

For over a month she searched, scanning the far reaches of the Universe.

She could not see… only could she feel him beyond the screen, right in front of her nose.

“Hide… from me as if I were to harm or steal or slay this Great Soul?

My beloved, have you witnessed only counterfeit and the weak at heart?

Do you not recognize in me… your own soul, trying to be born new?”

The crushing silence caught like a splinter in her throat…

the stillness, a cry from his own soul.

So, with star spangled eyes she did patiently wait, for his return,

from behind the veil… so reverently pierced by that wooden cross in the Mexican desert.

He was preparing and so was she…a fire dance… brilliant and destructive,

tempered only by this great Love. Yes, a Great Love for a great Dragon… fallen and lost.

It’s true… You know it’s true.

The whole truth is, that she was lost too and badly wounded…sadly.

Amid the mighty stars the ancestors prepared a place for them to meet,

alone and for a time. A union, surrounded by this ancestral community,

they smiling down…subtly present… delighting in the laughter,

the best medicine, apparently.

While she napped in the garden, he sat under the grapevine… silently.

Powerful exchange and the dream broke, unraveling like a silken web,

torn apart buy the sting of time.

Their journeys continued, one in the north and one in the south seemingly separated

but for the core that held them together as a whole… twin flames,

one but a reflection of the other. A constant dance unrefined…

liberated through the knowing of one another, through the disclosure and angst…

miracles born of chaos, harmony springing from discord.

The ancients are delighted...


The cloud nation gifted a vision to the flower child of God.

*She tried to lift the Dragon up from the putrid sand that threatened to devour his body.

Rising to the first peak, she became weak for the burden was to heavy.

A return to Earth, she encased herself in a crystal casket and offered herself as food for his soul.

He did consume her, as she knew he would, and fearlessly she met her demise…

traveling into the acid chamber, the life she knew… fading as the crystal melted…

Pain in passing, she felt.

Simultaneously, the Condor, flying at great heights, witnessed the great Dragon convulse

and flail about… and then shift into a remarkable and magical desert lizard.

The world did pause at this transformation as the grateful lizard

walked into an oasis where a white lotus waited in the cool eternal waters.

Out from his mouth, the once fearsome Dragon released the girl,

naked and new onto the Queen of Flowers.

They looked upon each other… lovingly,

not having words or ideas, only the peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Condor shook in the sky, diving to meet it’s mate in midair… talons tangled,

bodies spun into One…freefalling with a new dream of Hope for this troubled world.*


There will be times when we feel like we are being crushed by an elephant and times when we are shining like the brightest star… Just be assured that the ebb and flow will continue with a seed of one nestled in the bosom of the other. And it is in that flux that we come to know a peaceful neutrality that governs what is eternally true.

Thus our awareness expands again and again, enthusiastically enlisting us to passionately participate in what is temporary,

this Sacred Life.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Journey

If Graceland is a castle then the impending city is a moat… threatening to snag one with its assortment of metal teeth not even carefully hidden. She said, she has never seen anything like it and I heard fear in her voice, something a mother would rather not… And I set appropriate signals, in my covert desperation to adjust the psychological flight plan… real time, wondering if the panel at the control tower would even recognize my finger print to take command, this moment. I never did break a sweat because I remembered her brilliance and her grace. Surly she has favor with the most High and will be guided past the unmentionables and into a safe haven where she would find peace and rest until dawn… It is then, in the light of a new day, that the warrior woman will navigate back through same burdensome truth to reach a dream and a life long passion. It is the way of all things great. So. I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing you are Gods child, sent here for a special purpose and I will trust Him to grow you into that station…perfectly.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

*8* Supreme Executive Council

Re: Organization of Council Members.

O k. It is obvious this is required.

Mother Teresa had been assigned to Finance Division.

Yeah, I see now why that has been a problem.

Gandhi you are being relieved of Food Services and Meal Planning.

Yes, you will be able to keep your whites for the new position.

Teilhard de Chardin you are being asked to step down from, Leader of Security and Enforcement. The Vatican agreed to turn over the program that deciphers and decodes all the holy books and scrolls. They said you were right, it all distills into one word/action… Love. They asked that you work with Emerson for a kind of hybrid theology to placate the intellectuals until we redirect their circuitry back into the heart.

Royal Rife… Well friend, I think we will take you off the bar and reassign you to Research and Development. How does that sound? Yes, you can have your laboratory back. Just see Rockefeller after this meeting. We have spoken and the order is already entered.

Oh and Ben, listen I know we have had the most amazing times. That crazy kite night, ha. God I haven’t laughed that much since the 13 th century…Now we have an important mission that is time sensitive and I really need you on board, man. What do ya say? And yes, I talked to the porter and we have an endless supply of candles and I did find the old bifocals at the local thrift shop. That absolutely no problem. Yep we have plenty of that stored in the cellar too. Talk to Einstein. He is recalibrating the instruments as we speak.

For the others who so devotedly have shown up, with the steadfast trust that

we are gonna turn this baby around, I say with the fullest heart, thank you!

There are sign up sheets at the back of the room, see Mary M.

We want you to do the service work that you love.

Thank you all for being here.

Enjoy the fountain of pure and natural spring water,

complements of Bill W.

Those of you who prefer sour grapes just talk to Jesus.

Ha! Your in for a real treat!

Welcome aboard and full sails ahead.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy July 2011

Not Insane

Hey. Yeah so. This particular post is to assure you that I am not insane.

(but I can not help to find just a wee bit of humor in all of this)

I have not, as the psycho babble might frame things, “spilt off my personality” due to sever stress or abuse. No, I am quite aware of my dark side which wants to see justice served.

Although I’d rather see the ole proverbial ‘head brought in on a platter’ rather than Pontius Pilate's OCD (you know the clean hands syndrome). Revenge? ME? Naaah!

Call it Karma. And I do not need to witness it. Nope, I trust that process too.

Do not be alarmed about my application for a concealed weapons permit, it is a privilege granted to law abiding Americans. Besides I haven’t received it yet. And so what if I forgot I had a clip in my purse in those early days in March. So it did set off the Court house security. I was detained. Until someone figured out that it did not meet the element of a crime. I am a quick learner. So now, I check my purse thoroughly, removing all knives etc that may be construed as a potential threat to my fellow Americans.

The consumption of the scorpion complete with its stinger was a beautiful ceremony. I took a calculated risk… I realize that, but if not me… than who?

This entity, Suzette, has been ‘a sweet little goody two shoes’ for too Da®n long!

Time to come out of the closet and exercise the mother nature medicine I apparently came in with. Narcissism, no… I don’t think so. That’s the problem with you profilers. You must modify the program to allow for placement on a continuum… a scale of sorts. Narcissism is on the down low where as self love is oh so God given.

The mean ( in reference to the curve) is ‘normal’, ONLY in that it is popular as in seen ‘frequently’ in the masses(no pun intended). Sorry about that Father Vincent.

What is skewed is often considered… how shall I say?…OH come on! Think about our history!!!

All the greats were skewed. The Einstein’s, the Janice Joplin’s, the Franklins…”Hum! What if?... Yes, I think I might just fly my new kite in this lightning storm. If any one asks I’ll just tell them it’s an experiment! Ha Ha Ha” (he could always laugh at him self). Yes, we meet frequently in a Napoleon Hill type of astral round table setting.

They are on my team with many other greats. And yes, I admit I do hear their voices but rest assured Tis not the problematic psychosis of a paranoid skitsofrantic (continuum program allowance here- nice job boys!) rather it is the medicine of the great Elephants, most clairaudients have been blessed with a trunk full of it.

No Note to self- check to see if there is Chapter 90 Evidence Code that would be an ace up the sleeve so to speak, at the final hearing… should be somewhere around 90.403, 90.404…

· O OH PLEASE1 Who do you think you are fooling? You actually think you may pull this off on your own? Ha ! that’s a good one!

· t Enough of that. It’s just the old program talking! Don’t give it any consideration. Remember it is not about winning. It is consciously going through the process. That is all that is required of you. And look, your having much joy on temporary leave from the trenches.

Yeah! And what’s with all this military terminology? Let me guess, past lives?

Listen I will not entertain this argument. It is a sacred space, this control center.

Take it to the alleyway, you old killjoy, there you find comrades in your self proclaimed war. I shall be singing the “Nickel Song” till I pass the bar. Yes, the bar is my entry into my highest destiny. There are spirits that harm and spirits that help…and multiple choices in our endeavor to conquer logic. But logic is a mere spring board to the integration of left and right. If we truly what to be independent we must pass through this fight. So.

Friday, July 8, 2011


July 8, 2011

Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
the courage to change the things we can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

With You

I live in a house with 4 beautiful women.

We laugh, we dance, we play and sometimes we cry.

We share beautiful company. We allow for space to move between us.

But tonight my friends… we are all alone. Where is the man?

We all long to be held by that strong masculine energy.

Not just any man… one who cares deeply, one who will be here

with a hand out stretched through thick and thin.

One that will hold us passionately yet will be strong enough

and secure enough to let us go when necessary.

Hold me tight but not too tight. O god… hold me so close.

I want to feel your pulse on my skin. I want to hear your heart beating,

coming like waves, surrounding then settling into my heart.

Why must I be alone? Why? I have so much love to give.

Why can’t we be together? Why must our dance always be in the ethers?

Why am I afraid I will not live up to your expectations?

Why do I long for this union?

The world is a mess. We have tried everything. Or have we?

Perhaps we should be with our man.

Maybe tonight we’d be making love to each other, so passionately,

so freely, letting the waves of compounded Love mediate this beloved planet.

O god, could it be that simple? Let’s make love.

Let us touch with our fingers the face of the beloved.

Let us sing out joy and ecstasy, witnessing its ebb and flow into space.

The rhythm is our medicine. Share this cup with me.

I am so tired of being alone… and yet it is what I have required.

It is what I have asked for, so that I could grow gracefully

into recognition of the woman that I am.

Your lips are so close to mine, in this vision that takes on dimensions.

Kiss me…

Then just be still and meet me.

Only the breath dances now, out of our control.

I feel our cheeks meet and veer away. A test. A taste of greetings. It’s our time.

O magnificent man, I have waited so long. You show up…in my minds eye…

Let your body follow the love song that my heart sings.

Love is to be shared.

I have loved so much but I have not the physical love of a man.

The time is soon.

I want to be home,

with you.

Monday, July 4, 2011

No Choice

He takes a minute to lie on the floor beside me.

I doodle his back and run my fingers through his black hair.

I know he feels how much I love him. I know he does…

And I can’t help but contemplate that moment when he realizes,

I have caught him in an unyielding grasp for a new day.

And I can only pray he remembers that my hands have grasped his

and my eyes have found his beautiful soul many times before.

Always the Sun rose brighter and his wings grew bigger and stronger.

Still, my heart aches for that moment, that first second when he will doubt me…

when for a moment all trust will be suspended.

And I feel that sword in my own heart and then I release it, the pain of it…

because the pain is his.

I merely open a doorway to the truth of it, to the acknowledgement of it.

I know that feeling of loneliness and confusion. That feeling of wondering

where the path is and finding gratitude for that next safe place to rest.

He has come to my door and I have been able to give enough.

And I find a strange irony that the proverbial ‘rock’ is actually a rolling stone,

having grown wings too. I think perhaps in this rapidly changing world,

that is the greatest gift I have to offer them, trusting the current,

moving with and through the changes, having the ability to be flexible and to adapt,

the ability to be kind and open, to see all mankind as our divine family.

So, I watch him breathe… resting and I know he is Love

and that he forgives like he loves, just so very naturally.

I know one day he will understand

that my conscience gave me no choice

because Love is sure.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trust The Process

"How are they doing?" he asked. "Well, they are on the front lines but holding their own."

If it appears that I am stepping on you while you down...
Look just a bit deeper to find the Truth.
Remember, "There is nothing you could ever do or say
to make me change the way I feel about you."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The March

She calls to her finest solder, the Lady in white,

“Please, you must find the Marchman,

we’ll need him for this fight.”

Riding through thunder and splashing through rain,

she lays her sword down

on the cold window pane.

It is only the first stop on this circuitous quest.

Her passion to rescue the troops

brings out her personal best.

The journey continues as she gathers the seals,

trading them for the meetings

where the Truth she will deal.

Of the blessing she seeks, we are halfway there…

resting when we can and

laughing when we dare.

See, the Marchman will hold the sun on his vest,

carrying it carefully from

the East to the West.

Facing the sick spirits, he has no fear,

remembering the costly battles

of so many held dear.

Through the dark valley and over the ridge,

he will lead you safely

to a place beyond the bridge.

There you will find all the help that you need,

the tools and the mentors

to complete this noble deed.

Return to me when it has all been done.

The battles will have been fought

and the war finally won.