Thursday, January 14, 2010

To See With The Eyes Of The Heart

I use to say about the Drumming Ceremony, "I bring the instruments,
Spirit leads the event."
As I evolved, I realized it was my responsibility to create a safe
and sacred space for all those souls, who would be brave enough
to open themselves to receive the gifts from Spirit.

This meant I would arrive early to prepare the space, inside and outside.
Then to sit quietly and listen for any guidance.
I would enter a state of profound gratitude and love
for the immense support being offered by Spirit,
to All of us who would for the first time sit together and make music,
to give and receive.

I ask for people to take time in the beginning to look at each face
in the yurt and realize that soul and further, that we recognize the divine gift of this uniting,
that is both temporary and eternal.

After the first drumming, I ask several people to lay down in the middle while the rest drummed for them.
Everyone is offered an experience of receiving in the center of the circle.
After the drumming stops, the silence is honored and felt.
Yes, we sit in the silence , enriched just as profoundly.
They complement each other, sound and silence. It feels complete.
Each reality touching the soul with a balanced Truth.

We accept with gratitude what the moment is offering,
trusting it is exactly what our Spirit requires.
The idea of trying to figure out how to get back to the sound
or get back to the silence is to miss the whole gift of what is unfolding NOW.
First of all when we are trying to 'figure out', we are not in our Heart space,
we are in our heads.
In matters of Love and Spirit, being in the Heart space is the Way.
Also to 'get back' implies going backward or trying to control or manipulate,
which is definitely out, as in not 'in' the NOW.

If we are open enough to 'see' and 'feel' with our Heart we would realize;

When that person we love, says goodbye to us,
liberating themselves to return to their Truth they, consciously or not,
also liberate us to continue on our divine path in Truth.
For that we should be eternally grateful.

When our belongings are taken from us, once integrated,
we will realize the gift of letting go of these attachments to live more simply.

If we love and it is not returned, we learn the honor and joy of loving for Loves sake,
delighting in that divine Current.
We learn that The Current is always there even when people are not.

We learn that in Truth we are never alone and that what we do to or for another we do to or for ourselves.
We learn that others may not be opened enough, yet, to realize our gratitude for them and the lessons that we received by being together.
And that it is OK cause when I think of you I feel a deep Love that manifests and lives eternally in The Current. And I have learned this is True Love and that it is all inclusive.
My journey Now leads me through a practice to consistently expand
my awareness enough to (hopefully-haha) always 'see' and 'feel' with Heart.
So it is...