Sunday, September 2, 2012


I grieve the loss of a great friend and Spirit, Calsifer.
There are noises... instruments play in his old room.
I woke the other day to the sound of his voice.
I couldn't see him but I heard him purring.

Then a Luna moth greeted me at my door, our door.
I felt the loving Spirit. I pet his body and touched my forehead with
the yellow dust.

I listen... I fight for the bits of sanity, that I have left... Walking on an edge,
that etches its patience on the souls of my devoted feet.

Then he shows up...I afraid? No... The road has been so long and I have little fight left in me.
My destiny, I beg to know, as I tumble through a kaleidoscope of colored bits.
My back is against a corner, as a hand reaches up from a shallow grave.
I have nothing else to trade for time.

 Will you remember that I love You?