Thursday, January 7, 2010

What does it feel like to be at the beginning of a really good thing?

Top Ten Answers;

1) It feels tickly and unavoidable, like a sneeze building up potential...

2) Like a new kid always poking his finger into my shoulder
asking, "What are we suppose to do?"( feels uncertain)

3) My cat rests closer to me and then wanders further away.
(feels whole)

4) Pelicans are flying further inland and butterflies are flying further over the sea. (feels strange)

5) The underlying buzz is much louder.(feels chaotic)

6) The spine stands strong, receiving signals.
(feels powerfully tapped IN)

7) Legs fold into me, a foundation familiar, yet completely new. (feels true)

8) The Heart sings while the fingers strum gently the web of the world.(feels Love)

9) Old relationships newly healed.(feels peaceful)

10) I feel at Home in this transient place,
sitting steadily on a flying carpet,
my constant companion * a rainbow Firebird* emerging from the Ancient Weave.
(feels alchemical)


  1. Groovy! Groovy! A Top Ten List for Beginning Feelings in a Perfect Ten Suzette Year seems Auspiciously Supreme!

    Yesterday I was passing the marsh and glimpsed the most massive Great Heron I've ever seen. His orange feathers under his neck were so puffy and bright... he was so impressive I almost couldn't believe he was a bird!

  2. May the BE you till full vibe of the perfect 10 support and uphold you in all ways... entering in through it's portal and becoming a pillar of righteous strength. '10'

    Ah, ah, ah, ch-youuuuuuuuuu....
    God bless You!

    10/4! :)