Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey Listen,...(softly speaking)...

I know you get lonely sometimes.

I do too.

It is a dark and foreboding place,...

until the Universal Love Light sparks

an awareness of The Blaze

that Is Eternal...*8*


They teach us to hold on to Love...

The greater wisdom is to Love and let go,...
Love and let go,...
Love and let go,...
carefully keeping 'what IS',... sacred.

I guess that is the difference in one being scared and One Being Sacred.


  1. Hey,(not speaking so softly) The 'WORLD' and it's teachings are ASS backward for sure! In truth, the measure to which we are possessed to possess another or anything for that matter and are unable to let go, is the level in which we have 'Let Go' of Love for ourselves. Entering into ourselves can feel dark and foreboding, don't I know it, it's scary! Only by going in and through are we able to discern the light and embody sacredness, the world is in darkness from believing the opposite!!! Crazy Ass! (Blaze of righteous "Preach it Sistah!")

    While on the subject of all manner of possessions, I simply must say, the possessions pictured above are very cool!!!! Great for making beautiful music with!!!!!!!
    (up-beat tone)

    Rock on Sistor!(rowdy enthusiasm)

    <3~*~*~* (Love vibe)

  2. You very cute, Golden, and very much appreciated!
    ************(infrasonic kiss on cheek)*****************