Saturday, January 2, 2010

Testing The Practical Application of "Daily Intent"

Well, I noticed that The Presence Portal has a new spring called
"Daily Intent" so I thought I'd see how it works...I sat on a rock...
I did feel a sense of relief to put down my backpack (it was full of rocks I had been collecting) and sit on a big rock allowing it to support me. Hummm? There may be a teaching in there somewhere.
MB writes,.."receive or give a massage."
This one I don't have to test, I know it's truly wonderful.
Better when experienced completely naked ( just a suggestion)
and also while the heart is still beating.


Then I visited a sacred place... That was very special...
I could feel my body respond in an electro-magnetic way
once I allowed myself to blend with the Holy Energy.
Mother Mary is a strong presence for me since childhood
and here it was like walking through a doorway into the Sacred Heart.

It is true, after taking this experiential journey,
I did feel more of a peace in my life's puzzle.

So I do appreciate the peaceful walk into the garden of the Heart.
Lekker Bru !


  1. Very exotic Suzette! That church is Awesome, like the ones in the South West and Mexico!
    My friend the Raw Foodist we affectionately call the 'Raw Nudist', rubbed the back of my neck for 5 or 6 minutes and I slipped and fell in the snow, and listened to the church bells, one way to get grounded I guess! It's all good! That's alotta rocks to roll with...what a tough chick pic, it rocks, Love it! <3

  2. PS- bly u gevind vrede suster <3~*~*~*

  3. Oh Hells Bells , Golden!!!! I was just about to go to sleep when I founD this strange ps- message from you... You know I am a sucker for codes. HHhhhh!!!! Shit. ,,,,,Please can ya just tell me what it means
    :-) PRETTY PLEASE!!!

    Oh yeah and listen be careful with your raw nudist buddy ,..
    Think about it ,.. he massages your neck,... you FALL in the SNOW,...
    then you heard Church bells... Did you HIT your HEAD?!
    This is what happens to all of us when dealing with a raw nudist!
    In exactly that same order.Yeah you're gonna be grounded alright... My God, WOMAN! ,.. wake up and smell the coffee!

    Anyway, It's so great to have you as a sistor.

  4. Remain at peace, sister
    glad you at peace sister

    Buy a donkey,..toots.

  5. Hey, when I was little I had a stuffed Donkey named Tingaleo, I loved him, he even wore a straw hat! Listen up Sistaaahhh!!!!(that's my serious Yankee lingo!) Get off that thought train it's heading out! Mr. Raw & I have been friends for 9 years and the Universe knows I require lots of grounding, so now that we got some Karma cleaned up, he is back with his four planets in Taurus, all Earth!... to support me a bit tis' all. That is if I ever come out of my little prayer closet! <3

  6. Shoot,...I meant to say" Bie Dankie" I was just spelling it phonetically, you know, in a truly American style. Sounds like ' buy a donkey'.

    You know I am beginning to realize Humor does not transmit well over the web, as I am often misunderstood. Ether that or simply put I am just NOT funny. But you know I probably won't give it up completely because I laugh so hard at my own jokes which is so great on an otherwise difficult day...I think it's fantastic when old friends meet up especially when there is a deep sense of Trust and sharing. What a true blessing!

    xo Sistor

  7. Um, you are very Funny on many levels. I know what you mean though, I crack myself up so hard I cry, THANK GOD, isn't that truly what it's all about? Truth is, as much as I intend to e-mule-ate and appreciate, it does feel as though I bought a Donkey! So 'see' multidimentional humor! It's all about them words and remembering the WORD is LOVE!

    Rock, Roll & Rhumba...Ramba of Love!
    (I'm gonna go see a Man about a Donkey!)xo

  8. I like the (humor) parentheses! Suzette you're certainly funny! I notice the same thing, though on the internet- humor doesn't necessarily transfer. On another topic- "Oh you'll be grounded!" Hyuck! Coffee indeed!

    They taught us in syntax class that English is the only language studied so far that has tonal suprasegmental syntax. That in this language, we can change the grammatical class of an entire phrase (not just word) with our tone.

    For example-
    We could sweetly ask, "Did you take out the trash?"

    Or we could say harshly, "DID YOU TAKE OUT THE TRASH"

    and what was first a question is turned into an imperative statement. Using tone!

    All that to say our humor depends on tone for meaning and since it's not intrinsic to typed writing, I think we sometimes lose some of our humor options over the internet.

  9. You more options, I like that.

  10. Shannon, Thanks for that important sharing. It seems too that if you really know or have been intimate with a person you get to realize their character, then Intonations are not necessary as one already knows the Heart of the other.

    Good Stuff... Really good stuff!


    ps got to send a second check for shipping so expect another piece of mail.

    Can't wait to start my January... Yes Happy colorful January!!!