Friday, January 29, 2010

Holding Hands

My hand is wrapped around this pen. It looks so purposeful.
What a useful tool and sweet engagement, the pen and hand.
My Heart urges, " Go ahead, tell them what you really want."

I want to hold your hand... walking across a dusty street,
sitting quietly in a garden, resting side by side in bed... anywhere.
I want to hold your hand.

Yes, I have held little hands and old.
I have held sick hands and ones so cold.
I have taken a sisters hand to say, "Remember who your are!"

Yet, your hand, my Love, seems so very far... away.

And my Heart wants to know...
if I could offer you my hand to hold this day,
would you be able to receive it, graciously?
Would you seek to know me through this sacred hand?
Would you care to listen to the lines that tell of a Destiny
and a Love that wanders free?

When you see the tiny sparkles of water on the skin and feel the pulse of Truth,
would you say, "You need not wander anymore, I am here."
Could you stand by your word?
Would we still be free?

Would you realize these hands have clung to ropes while repelling down cliffs?
They have pulled me through small, dark passages, cave diving into Mother Earth.

They have paddled along rivers, climbed trees, cleaned little faces.
These hands have donned a boxing glove once or twice
and fell asleep holding onto an antique knife.
They have gone dark with engine grease, been colored with paint
and covered with clay, in the settled times.

They have held many sacred Hearts, most reverently.
So...I just want to know, " Will you hold my hand?"

Fingers interlaced,
traveling All of Space,
moving with God's Grace,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh to feel Laughter

Top Seven Ways To Feel Laughter- plus a bonus ;-)

1) It feels like roiling down a hill sideways, being tickled by all the bumps.

2) It feels like meringue, light and fluffy and can stand on its own.

3) It's like the last exaggerated wobbles of a top. (Feels irregular.)

4) Feels like the spin cycle of the washing machine.

5) Yeah,... and it feels a bit awkward when the laughing bout is triggered by brother stubbing his toe and bending over in excruciating pain.

6) The best laughter is when I realize I am a fool and that it is one of my favorite selves.
(feels honest)

7)It feels opposite of the rigid pews oriented in one direction.
Laughter is flexible. It floats, falls, flails, bobs and bounces.
It spins and spits, shakes and rattles,
showing disregard for anything outside it's own delightful ruckus.

*) There is no more two of us. The laughing God is laughing us into ONE. ( feels unifying)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

To See With The Eyes Of The Heart

I use to say about the Drumming Ceremony, "I bring the instruments,
Spirit leads the event."
As I evolved, I realized it was my responsibility to create a safe
and sacred space for all those souls, who would be brave enough
to open themselves to receive the gifts from Spirit.

This meant I would arrive early to prepare the space, inside and outside.
Then to sit quietly and listen for any guidance.
I would enter a state of profound gratitude and love
for the immense support being offered by Spirit,
to All of us who would for the first time sit together and make music,
to give and receive.

I ask for people to take time in the beginning to look at each face
in the yurt and realize that soul and further, that we recognize the divine gift of this uniting,
that is both temporary and eternal.

After the first drumming, I ask several people to lay down in the middle while the rest drummed for them.
Everyone is offered an experience of receiving in the center of the circle.
After the drumming stops, the silence is honored and felt.
Yes, we sit in the silence , enriched just as profoundly.
They complement each other, sound and silence. It feels complete.
Each reality touching the soul with a balanced Truth.

We accept with gratitude what the moment is offering,
trusting it is exactly what our Spirit requires.
The idea of trying to figure out how to get back to the sound
or get back to the silence is to miss the whole gift of what is unfolding NOW.
First of all when we are trying to 'figure out', we are not in our Heart space,
we are in our heads.
In matters of Love and Spirit, being in the Heart space is the Way.
Also to 'get back' implies going backward or trying to control or manipulate,
which is definitely out, as in not 'in' the NOW.

If we are open enough to 'see' and 'feel' with our Heart we would realize;

When that person we love, says goodbye to us,
liberating themselves to return to their Truth they, consciously or not,
also liberate us to continue on our divine path in Truth.
For that we should be eternally grateful.

When our belongings are taken from us, once integrated,
we will realize the gift of letting go of these attachments to live more simply.

If we love and it is not returned, we learn the honor and joy of loving for Loves sake,
delighting in that divine Current.
We learn that The Current is always there even when people are not.

We learn that in Truth we are never alone and that what we do to or for another we do to or for ourselves.
We learn that others may not be opened enough, yet, to realize our gratitude for them and the lessons that we received by being together.
And that it is OK cause when I think of you I feel a deep Love that manifests and lives eternally in The Current. And I have learned this is True Love and that it is all inclusive.
My journey Now leads me through a practice to consistently expand
my awareness enough to (hopefully-haha) always 'see' and 'feel' with Heart.
So it is...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clinging to an unstable rock,
he proclaimed, "My integrity is all I've got."

An Angel appearing to render 'those', unstuck,..
said sweetly, " If you have HEART,
integrity is a natural by-product."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It feels like a terrible storm
and I am held up in a rickety shack.

Shutters are flapping violently.
I am getting wet,..and cold,.. so cold.
Horrible threatening sounds of thunder pound at my chest.
Bolts of lightning, like daggers flung into my eyes,..
meant to jest.

Ghosts from childhood keep a constant vigil
for this wavering soul they have clung to relentlessly,...
to this form, now changing.

I see their faces one by one.
I remember the gruelling parts they have played,..
in my life.

I have not made peace with them,..yet.
I can not let them go,.. just yet.

They are deserving of these final days of Darkness.

In truth, they made me strong...
In truth, I picked them.

Now, once again, I remember who I am...
I sit strait and calm transcending the chaos.

My Spirit Father, lovingly reminds me,
'our house' is the mansion,
just a short walk through the valley
and up the hill.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Riddle: How do we get from *V* to *Z* ?"

Having just returned from meeting the masses,
Shakti and Shiva move through the vortex into
her private chamber...

Somewhat agitated she asks,"What are you trying to do, insight them?"

With knowing, calm eyes he replies, "I have an offering..."

"OH,.. I know YOU have an offering,
but are they open to receive it?," Shakti replies.

Shiva thunders back, " The time has come!"

Resigned, she admits, " We have been waiting, haven't we?"

She turns, "I will bring the Gift to the Altar, Love."

She opens the golden box to reveal an ancient writing.

It reads,..."Have YOU not yet realized what you do to others,
you do to yourself?..I bid you,..BE LOVE...."

She took the paper, folded it and tucked away near her Heart.

Then they, Shakti and Shiva,
returned to their polar hemispheres.

At his quick wink they moved at the speed of Light
toward one another
creating in their Divine Union a mighty Flash,
that pierced through the eyes and into the soul,
of those who would 'See',
transmuting ALL into a radiant Vibrational Current
that traveled through the beloved Universe
and back into the feeling body
through the *Z*enith to the *V*ortex
where all things are created NOW.

Answer to Riddle; V+ W X 8-Y=Z * Z=Y-8 X W+V

Note; Scientists and Mathematicians,..
Please do not e mail me
to tell me I have uncovered the missing formula,..
I already know that.
kindest regards,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What does it feel like to be at the beginning of a really good thing?

Top Ten Answers;

1) It feels tickly and unavoidable, like a sneeze building up potential...

2) Like a new kid always poking his finger into my shoulder
asking, "What are we suppose to do?"( feels uncertain)

3) My cat rests closer to me and then wanders further away.
(feels whole)

4) Pelicans are flying further inland and butterflies are flying further over the sea. (feels strange)

5) The underlying buzz is much louder.(feels chaotic)

6) The spine stands strong, receiving signals.
(feels powerfully tapped IN)

7) Legs fold into me, a foundation familiar, yet completely new. (feels true)

8) The Heart sings while the fingers strum gently the web of the world.(feels Love)

9) Old relationships newly healed.(feels peaceful)

10) I feel at Home in this transient place,
sitting steadily on a flying carpet,
my constant companion * a rainbow Firebird* emerging from the Ancient Weave.
(feels alchemical)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hungry,... Anyone?

After I wrote yesterday's post I observed myself clinging to memories.
My brain was releasing duplicate chemicals as if I was there again,
the portal, my minds eye.

Then going back 2 decades,
I remembered vividly what it felt like to have a child sensing discomfort, cling to my shirt.
The sharp little nails would scratch through the cloth.
The little body would stiffen.
The whole energy would change with the little ones perceived crisis.
I could feel the stress and fear and see it in her eyes.

It is so very different from the moments when I was laying down,
nursing the child. Her head positioned safely,..
between my arm and my heart.
The child would stop to look at me and smile.
The milk would keep flowing, soaking the pillow.
Sometimes, the baby would be sleeping alone and the milk would
just start to flow, like a bountiful spring...
" Quick!,... Call the cats!" I yelled out to my Auntie.
(HUMOR, back then-,... You know I will always Love you, Auntie Curl...)
You don't necessarily wake a child just because the milk is flowing.
I think this is how it is with humans and Source Energy.
The Energy is always flowing and available to us.
Sometimes we are sleeping.
Sometimes we are too stressed and clinging to
partake in the Cosmic Nourishment.

The apparent order in our physical human experience
as we grow from infancy is to naturally begin to let go...
We stop clinging to mommas' shirt...
More often, we turn away from the breast...

Then it seems that society gets us.
While there is so much offered that enhances our being,
one must be aware of the undercurrent that would condition us,
through under evolved teachers, T V and other mediums,
to "cling" again, offering a host of new and exciting
potential dependencies.

The new drug, the new video game , the new way to be
more beautiful, desirable and happy.
I say, "poppycock" or should I say, "Dodosquat!"
It is here, we have been collectively missing the point(of Light).

True sustenance can not be bought , sold , captured or stored.

Manna, is a daily offering,.. freely given.
May we be open to graciously receive it.

NOW,.. we join at the 'Eternal Supper'.

Thank God!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey Listen,...(softly speaking)...

I know you get lonely sometimes.

I do too.

It is a dark and foreboding place,...

until the Universal Love Light sparks

an awareness of The Blaze

that Is Eternal...*8*


They teach us to hold on to Love...

The greater wisdom is to Love and let go,...
Love and let go,...
Love and let go,...
carefully keeping 'what IS',... sacred.

I guess that is the difference in one being scared and One Being Sacred.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buy A Donkey

You know, when you buy a Donkey, that is just the beginning.
You have to be able and willing to maintain the Donkey.
Indeed, you have to be prepared to feed the Donkey,
to Love the Donkey and to create a space for the Donkey.

Then you and the Donkey will come to understand
your purpose in being together,..
and intuitively know when it is time to journey apart...

The most important thing when you buy a Donkey
is to treat each moment as a sacred gift,..
even the not so pretty moments ,..
like the smelly moments or the 'Bessy" moments/days....

I tell you friend, wholeheartedly,
if your Spirit leads you to buy a Donkey,.. TRUST IT,
letting go of expectations and agendas,...
so that you and your beautiful golden heart
will be open to receive what already IS,...

ps. Take heed,.. there are those who would look upon such a
sacred companion and only see an ass.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Testing The Practical Application of "Daily Intent"

Well, I noticed that The Presence Portal has a new spring called
"Daily Intent" so I thought I'd see how it works...I sat on a rock...
I did feel a sense of relief to put down my backpack (it was full of rocks I had been collecting) and sit on a big rock allowing it to support me. Hummm? There may be a teaching in there somewhere.
MB writes,.."receive or give a massage."
This one I don't have to test, I know it's truly wonderful.
Better when experienced completely naked ( just a suggestion)
and also while the heart is still beating.


Then I visited a sacred place... That was very special...
I could feel my body respond in an electro-magnetic way
once I allowed myself to blend with the Holy Energy.
Mother Mary is a strong presence for me since childhood
and here it was like walking through a doorway into the Sacred Heart.

It is true, after taking this experiential journey,
I did feel more of a peace in my life's puzzle.

So I do appreciate the peaceful walk into the garden of the Heart.
Lekker Bru !

Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex...

Oh God ,... Please! She didn't just say "sex"?

Yup,.. She sure did,.. she said, sex.


Oh come on,.. Chill!,.. Sweets.

I actually want to talk about " Sexual Transmutation".

It's really quite simple,.. you know that sparkling spot around the sacred sacrum?

Well,.. when we are plugged in to God Consciousness
it starts to feel warm and glowy in that cosmic corner.
Ummm! Can ya feel that?

Sow now we feel that energy and resource it to travel throughout the body,..

Basking in beatitude,.. Boldly going where no man has gone before,.. into the spaces around the protons, electrons, neutrons and quarks. Ooooh! See,.. then those spaces get glowy and warm.

Fantastic furnace forwarding Cosmic Current through my instrument so fine,...

So we circulate and circulate, pausing only to Breathe.
Ummm,.. Sweet Breath...Sweet, Sweet Breath.

So I ask, all aglow, " What's your Pleasure?"

Oh.. Ha Ha Ha,.. You Know!

"Let me Be this Love, like a shining star,
destined to radiate ten trillion points of Love Light
into this Universe that stands ready."