Friday, January 8, 2010

Riddle: How do we get from *V* to *Z* ?"

Having just returned from meeting the masses,
Shakti and Shiva move through the vortex into
her private chamber...

Somewhat agitated she asks,"What are you trying to do, insight them?"

With knowing, calm eyes he replies, "I have an offering..."

"OH,.. I know YOU have an offering,
but are they open to receive it?," Shakti replies.

Shiva thunders back, " The time has come!"

Resigned, she admits, " We have been waiting, haven't we?"

She turns, "I will bring the Gift to the Altar, Love."

She opens the golden box to reveal an ancient writing.

It reads,..."Have YOU not yet realized what you do to others,
you do to yourself?..I bid you,..BE LOVE...."

She took the paper, folded it and tucked away near her Heart.

Then they, Shakti and Shiva,
returned to their polar hemispheres.

At his quick wink they moved at the speed of Light
toward one another
creating in their Divine Union a mighty Flash,
that pierced through the eyes and into the soul,
of those who would 'See',
transmuting ALL into a radiant Vibrational Current
that traveled through the beloved Universe
and back into the feeling body
through the *Z*enith to the *V*ortex
where all things are created NOW.

Answer to Riddle; V+ W X 8-Y=Z * Z=Y-8 X W+V

Note; Scientists and Mathematicians,..
Please do not e mail me
to tell me I have uncovered the missing formula,..
I already know that.
kindest regards,


  1. Wooohooo, now that's some...
    Divine Majic carpet ride!!!!!


  2. See what can come out of a warm salt bath,...
    Truth,.. soaked with humor,...maybe ,..i dono?
    anyway if felt Great,... the bath, that is....

    Got to get some zzzzzz's before my shift.

  3. Mm...I'm gonna soak that in and soak in that... Sistah!

    (Woah, Dead Sea salts here I come!)

    Love you, Goddess!