Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hungry,... Anyone?

After I wrote yesterday's post I observed myself clinging to memories.
My brain was releasing duplicate chemicals as if I was there again,
the portal, my minds eye.

Then going back 2 decades,
I remembered vividly what it felt like to have a child sensing discomfort, cling to my shirt.
The sharp little nails would scratch through the cloth.
The little body would stiffen.
The whole energy would change with the little ones perceived crisis.
I could feel the stress and fear and see it in her eyes.

It is so very different from the moments when I was laying down,
nursing the child. Her head positioned safely,..
between my arm and my heart.
The child would stop to look at me and smile.
The milk would keep flowing, soaking the pillow.
Sometimes, the baby would be sleeping alone and the milk would
just start to flow, like a bountiful spring...
" Quick!,... Call the cats!" I yelled out to my Auntie.
(HUMOR, back then-,... You know I will always Love you, Auntie Curl...)
You don't necessarily wake a child just because the milk is flowing.
I think this is how it is with humans and Source Energy.
The Energy is always flowing and available to us.
Sometimes we are sleeping.
Sometimes we are too stressed and clinging to
partake in the Cosmic Nourishment.

The apparent order in our physical human experience
as we grow from infancy is to naturally begin to let go...
We stop clinging to mommas' shirt...
More often, we turn away from the breast...

Then it seems that society gets us.
While there is so much offered that enhances our being,
one must be aware of the undercurrent that would condition us,
through under evolved teachers, T V and other mediums,
to "cling" again, offering a host of new and exciting
potential dependencies.

The new drug, the new video game , the new way to be
more beautiful, desirable and happy.
I say, "poppycock" or should I say, "Dodosquat!"
It is here, we have been collectively missing the point(of Light).

True sustenance can not be bought , sold , captured or stored.

Manna, is a daily offering,.. freely given.
May we be open to graciously receive it.

NOW,.. we join at the 'Eternal Supper'.

Thank God!


  1. Thank you for such beautiful, soft flowing nourishment. Suzette, I have written at least four or more lengthy pieces from deep conviction within my heart the last two days, and in all my varied true feelings up and down the scale, and also from gifts of visions arriving from beyond our limited physical capacity to see them and the messeges of urgency they bear, and I felt it best to let it all be. And in truth, I still felt a slight hunger to express although I felt deep down it was through containment that my daily Manna would be recieved.

    What you share here is a gift, it resonates so deeply and is expressed in a way that only one having experienced physical Motherhood could, it flows in feeling Wisdom from a Woman deeply blessed with a deep well, a fountain springing up.

    Deeply Nourishing Peace, Milk and Honey for sure Sistor, Thank you. (yummy and delicious)


  2. Not to become fixated on suckling but... i thought it might freak people out with the reference I make to... (Humor) 'calling in the cats to receive the over flow of my milk'... Then I thought, that is no more strange than we, humans,.. consuming milk from the udders of the Sacred Cow...

    Oh and trust me,... ha ha ha I HAVE been containing...Ha Ha Ha
    Got to appreciate my crazy self!!!

    I know a lot of peeps may feel uncomfortable with the ensuing visualizations but well...

    Well it seems lately Z writing Has mutated from Q & A to T & A,...

    You see this is called pretzel thinking.... It all started with Daily Intent,..It was like going to a spring then there was a donkey/Ass
    then a Blaze of Cosmic Energy which somehow ?,...lead to,.. Oh yeah
    that NATURAL, God given spring of breast milk for our little ones, made in his image.
    Now doesn't that fold it up quite nicely,... just add a bit of salt and
    pretzel complete.

    My apologies to those linear or bashful beloveds...(seriously but with a hint of humor)

  3. Oh yes Golden!!!
    "I felt deep down that it was through containment that my daily
    Manna would be received." Thanks for pointing out a practical way to receive What Is. I love this one. This is a big huge lesson in TPP.
    I am still using that practice when I can. So much Truth in the Alchemy brought about by containment then other times the counsel is to flow like a spring. Discernment,... then application.
    Once In the heart, that is a bit easier to feel... Thanks MB.

  4. Breast milk is cool, I have never made any myself but I have seen it shoot across a room... Woah-man so Powerful in everyway! Honestly Suzette it was the first time I actually experienced containment for real or felt so much to contain, or, if it wasn't the first real time then I was not aware I was containing before! What you shared was heart moving in a deep way. It's all good!

    Got milk? (reference to goofy ad for cow's milk)


  5. One more thing Suzie-Q, your pretzel metaphor was so right on in so many ways, I was remembered to the Organic frozen pretzels I have in the freezer, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese...yummy!

    Receiving daily bread (or pretzels):D

    (Today I am cleaning z humble abode,
    can ya tell?)

  6. Aww. How beautiful, Suzette.
    I dig what you said the whole way through.
    (A tasty pretzel:)

    Do they really stuff pretzels with feta and spinach?! Good gracious I'd like to contain that in my belly! ;D

  7. Hey ya know, I just realized, that's not somethin' I can make myself!

  8. I think we should all get together and try it! At the very least it'd be a doughy mess of fun and Miss Rosy and Sir Lucky Butter would have spinach and feta on the floor to enjoy!

  9. Um, Shan that sounds awesome, but I was refering to Breast Milk....

    I'm open, anything is possible, no bout a doubt it!


  10. Haha! O Woops!

    [RgGeGuGu ]
    ...Just a sec here while I shift out of pretzel gear...

  11. Suzette, I'm not sure but, I'm beginning to feel as though we may on our way to truly...
    'rocking this world in the collective cosmic bosom!'

    Gear Up Babes!

  12. Oh Sugar, we pro'babbely' have a ways to go, I left out the word 'BE!'

    Gear up anyway, we're goin' in!
    Creating Milk and Honey we 'BE'
    Call the Cats! <3

  13. Golden, you are delightful!
    Shannon,... why not have both pretzels and milk?
    Then we could do a pretzel dance and lauGh so hard milk comes out our noses.I did not give away my dress up clothes yet.
    What do ya say we girls meet in the spring and play dress up?
    With milk, pretzels and cookies,... maybe Steve will be the server. HaHaHa./ Or even Pauly. He was a lot of fun...
    At this point Almond milk is my ' drug of choice'.
    Here to limitless possibilities.

  14. YUMMY!!!! WhooHoo!... and too, we can have that Apple Pan Dowdy that makes your eyes light up and tummy say howdy with the ruby, emerald and diamond shakes...we can lick raw cacau off our arms and slide in cake frosting too...limitless!!!!!!

    "Oh yeah Baby!"

  15. Now that's what I call HIGH TEA!
    Let's do it!

    I said, "Steve will you serve Suzette and Chrysanthie and me tea?"

    "Why would I serve tea?

    "Cause we'll be busy laughing?"

    "(Laughs) Sure."