Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Home 2010

I Remember...
Once we stood, side by side,
contemplating a mountain to climb.
The time was not right, yet I felt the promise
of an extraordinary journey being transmitted to the soul.
I felt the enthusiasm,.. the heat,..the crunch of rock under my feet..
I saw the blue of the sky in your eyes
and felt the warmth of the utterances that flew from you lips.
Love resounds , again and again , in this memory I hold dear.
Maybe in another lifetime?... Maybe when I come back,..
to my Self,.. in this lifetime.
In Love
open to receive,
the Majesty of Existence.
My body, mind and soul,..
climbing the mountain,
this year,..with YOU.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


We, worry about what will happen...
Will there be chaos?...
Will there be suffering?...

I tell you the Truth,
when you see God in an other's eyes
and feel God peering through your own,
nothing else matters.
It is then, we have arrived Home

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soul Mates

Finding a soul mate certainly is a romantic notion.
Meet that special person,.. 'fall in Love',..then ride off into the sunset.
It sells. It is a feel good fiction.

I have come to realize 'Soul Mate' is something a bit messy.
We'll call it "Bessy".

Realizing the gift of working with ourself in the context of being
with a soul mate can be similar to enthusiastically walking into a glass door, face first.
After the intense shock waves hit our third eye chakra and reverberate
through the Heart, solar plexus and down into our root,
we stand feeling stupid, angry or humiliated.

But rest assured this is but an entrance into the course of Sacred Soulship.
Yes, being with the other alerts one to the unseen, unrealized
glass barrier that keeps us from giving and receiving the fruit of any moment.

Often we don't even know of the invisible barrier until our partner in Sacred Soulship arrives.
Our partner expresses and mirrors things about ourselves we have yet to 'own'.
Ouch! After all, it is much easier to see their idiosyncrasies and faults then our own.
So we scrutinize, analyze and construct labels and after we have pinned them to our partner
we get to do something really special, we get to pin these awarenesses to our selves.
Hence, the glass door can now be identified and charted.

Crashing into invisible barriers is now optional,..
if we honor and tend to our own under-pinnings.

If we apply the awarenesses sincerely and consistently enough
we just may partake in an alchemical event,..
'the unpinning',.. the cutting of cords,... the casting off of chains.

This process of letting fall away that which no longer serves us is like
tilling the Earth in preparation of the 'New Garden',
one in which, we consciously participate in, from the tilling,
to the planting, to the harvest.

So in Truth we watch the sunset and in the dark of night,
hold the vision of the Current Sunrise,...
where in the moment we 'Grow in Love'.