Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rules are Tools

O dear girl, don’t you see,

it is the numbers and names

you will need for this Court to be pleased.

Rules are the tools

in the building of a case.

The Statutes are the mortar

that holds it all in place.

The Truth is the foundation

from which it all stands.

Errors in procedure lead to

costly remands.

Justice is a calling card

and a personal quest.

In this judicial maze we find

the worst and the best.

Destiny brings us through

this orderly place.

Witnessing the process

with a measure of Grace

Evidence is best supported

with a foundation laid.

Without it, the cause…

into the ethers will fade.

The Paradox can now be seen.

Enlist the Rules of Court

in order to be set free.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Regrets...

No regrets...
defenseless moods
tireless broods
i laugh

no regrets...
coffin nails
minor details
i retool

no regrets...
deviled eggs
tired legs
i dance

no regrets...
judges gaze
trail ablaze
i bow

no regrets...
rain shower
new flower
i smile

no regrets...
bird song
every dawn
i love

no regrets...
wind storm
good form
i challenge

no regrets...
this space
defines grace
i trust

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Nature Of Addiction


Friday, June 17, 2011

Guru Nanak

He was a holy man... seemed to be born that way.
He had a passion for elevating mankind. Nothing could have
changed his heart about that. Thankfully his parents and later
his wife recognized that. They loved him enough to be able to let him go.

One particular time, he wandered into woods to meditate for three days.
When he came out he had something very important to say, " There is no Hindu.
There is no Mussalman." What he realized, so very long ago, was that man could never really
be free to live the fullness of life and love, if he was so committed to any ideology.
You see, Divinity- can not be adequately defined. It can be framed in a beautiful story and reinforced with rules and laws. Funny how we try to pin our ideas of God down or confine He-She-It to a ritual or a book. I feel God is the experience. I believe there is no place or space where It is not. It does seem that especially in the still, empty moments, Divinity is.
We must move past our addictive thoughts, beyond our patterns of being and behaving
to begin to receive What is freely offered. That tunes us. That frees us. Our deliberate unconditioning, puts us in the condition to be open and receptive to much more
than most Humans realize. For brief moments we become what we seek. How divine.
And is there no better way to know Truth? To merge with Love... to become
a conduit of Love. In the Ultimate, we are the noun, the verb, the subject... we are the spaces between the words, the paper upon which all is written. We come to know the pen of God and the divine ink that runs through our breath and bones. Then it is as though we feel Gods hand touching us. We feel Gods hand expressed in our own. If I could make a wish for the world
and all the life that dwells upon it... i ask that we all have the experience of God pulsing through the ordinary, making it miraculous, making it wonderful and making us *One*
Can you feel that?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

When We Forget...

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date Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 6:31 PM
subject Re: Blessings Abound! (you sent me this email last October. Your are BRILLIANT)from Peacock Feather
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Dear Jivan Mukta
Just reminding you with this email of what an enlightened being you are. Your writings are jewels that bless me every time I reread them.
Love you sister

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From: suzette
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Subject: Blessings Abound!

My Beloved Sister,

I have realized a useful tool in navigating our experience while
maintaining a state of integrity, if not enlightenment.
We simply need to ask the question,” What is my intention?"
There are several answers that may appear. First, the voice of the old
programmed self and its inherent methods, delusions and rationales.
Then, if we allow for liberating expansions, we are able to 'see' the truth
of the question and subsequent answers. We then enter a higher vibrational,
co-creative mode to "decide" what our intentions are.
Wow! And there you have it... The spider spins a new web for this day,
this experience... always willing to start over, to start new,
not attached to previous assumptions or expectations.
Yes, finally freed of our own stories.
How 'bout that? I am liberated from my own confining and limiting stories.

Sister, I am learning in my commitment to 'the blank page', meaning one that
has not been written yet, that Jivan Mukta Is a process by which we,
as Paul of the apostles would say, "…die to our old self each day.”
How very liberating indeed. It is like the molting of a bug or
the shedding of a snake’s skin.
The purpose is to make conditions right for new expansion and growth,
thus continuing on this sacred journey we have chosen.
I write to you knowing you are receiving precisely what you require and
in divine time.
I have no doubt that in the course of leaving our comfortable and familiar lives,
we have indeed embarked on a most holy of sojourns.
I reflect on the times we sat in ceremony with the ancients, receiving love
and encouragement.
That, my beloved, as you know, still continues.
Our distance is a bird song, delivered in delight and being received
as space and time bow down for its reception in the Heart of Hearts.
I could not wish for a greater friend and a truer experience of what love is.
Trust this divine process and be encouraged to humbly cut through all self-illusion
and spin an ever-changing web of holy strands to hold our beloved world
and all of mankind, our true family.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Quilt Of My Soul

The Quilt Of My Soul

It has certainly been like a patchwork quilt, this life of mine.

I always looked and felt for the finest material in a person or experience

to add it to my repertoire of patches to sew into this quilt I have known.

You know… there are spaces too, where fire singed the edges, where the tears took their place and where the stains of a careless soul left a deeply unpleasant mark on mine. Yes, on the quilt of my soul.

Still, I look at this quilt, a work in progress and sew a new day. I am pleased.

It may not be the finest quilt but it’s my quilt, my pieces…times when I was woven

into another’s experience and they into mine.

I have such a great love for this world and all the life contained in it.

The previous post was representative of that.

It was my desire to be a clear channel to assist others on their journey.

This morning, I realized it was also written for me. As strong as I am and as focused as I have been for humanity, the truth is I am so very tired… I feel broken and battered, like all I can see is the next mine field. And the hardest part is that these precious, sacred souls are depending on me to navigate this earthly reality.

And though I am known for my laughter and humor, the truth is that I too, am a sensitive soul. I search and I search. There are few who are free enough from addictions and programming to be a true measure of a great soul, one that could offer rest for a moment like a comforting lean on an old oak tree.


This moment I break open.

It’s raining...

O God

That sacred rain…

And I realize that plea was indeed for humanity, which includes me.

Yes, myself.


I ask to be calibrated to the Divine Rhythm through the guidance of strong and loving souls.

And I feel this group of souls whom I have not yet met, holding space for me…

because I am loved,

because I am worthy,

because I am Love…


Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cosmic Wave

The pendulums swing, each having their own rhythm… at first.

Slowly they sense one another… Awareness… Acknowledgment.

They begin to become synchronized, one affecting another and so on.

What is our rhythm? How broad is our reach? Are we holding to a true beat…

God- given?

Are we holding steady, so that others may calibrate through and to

the Rhythm?

For those who hold the Wisdom and so are truly free in Mind and Spirit… NOW is the time to center. Sit or stand straight when called to attention.

The human body is its own lightning rod… its own divine antenna. It is time now to receive the Cosmic Wave consistently for the next 10 days.

You know who you are. Let us meet the challenge.

It is why we came here… remember.

Yes, in that place of perfect peace beyond the apparent stories, there is much to receive for this world and for humanity. Be that open clear channel.

If not us, who?

See you on the inside, my beloved friends.

Now is the time.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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"For whom, do the bells toll?" Well, they don't right now.
They are being currently restored.

Trust... they will ring, again.