Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tower of Babble

Tower of Babble…

It started in my dream just a few hours ago. 3 women sat in triangle, each disclosing their issue, one to another. The attention was upon me…. “You Babble,” she says.

“Yes, on and on,” was my contribution and proof of their point.

Gee wiz, in a dream I couldn’t even allow the sentence to be born to completion before my running brook took over it.

“What does it mean?” I drift to consciousness. Oh yes, I have learned that deeper and deeper meanings or truths, if you will, percolate to the surface, having their own ‘good moment’, their own dawn. So… What does it mean, beyond the obvious?

That I can’t easily shut up… “Yeah, keep a lid on it Suz…”

Oh, I wish, I wish it were a simple as that.

But I have learned over and over again, that my first understanding is often the most superficial, falling out like a jellyroll belly beyond the hopeful confines of a belt, often premature in its wisdom, unpleasant in its clumsy defiant spill, horrifying to the naked eye, humorous to the knowing soul. Oh, we are all so human and clumsy in our own fascinating way. So what about babble? Where the hell is my Strong’s?... at … aw… b… ba… bab.. surly I am spelling something wrong… Let’s see

start over…b.. ba … for sure.. “No dummy! Try ‘tower’! “ that, you know how to spell.”

Well they built it higher and higher, got arrogant, thought they could reach Heaven or today’s transilliteration, “Conquer the Cosmos.” Indeed their bricks were blocks, metaphorically speaking. Crap! Their bricks were blocks … Bummer.

I am certain this present transmission from the entity of ‘Babble’ will not be mistaken for literary genius, for a moment I feel sad about this… I want to be recognized as having something to offer to the world, erect a structure, a kind of Jacob’s Ladder of my own, for my beloved sisters and brothers ect ect ect.

I consider stopping right here, “You’re making an ass out of youself, suzette.

Don’t even think about posting this. Well, the military / government will never see YOU as a threat, retard!”... Ok enough of that! It just not nice or becoming to exploit one so apparently handy capped. And if we could just allow her to follow her train of thought we just might realize something really important…. So please, continue sister. Where were we?...ummmo Oh yes. their bricks were blocks… you know leading up into the sky, toward Heaven … or so they thought.

Ultimately our blocks are many, words piled up upon another, concepts, beliefs,

our anger, our mistrust and our assumptions...

We all want to be the teacher, have a following… I have 8. I had nine but…

Well, one flew the coup.

Probably landed awkwardly on some cactus, the prick. “Ok enough!... that is in bad taste, besides the truth is you adore him and have benefited from his message. Cradled within his ten thousand words there is a brilliant message…"

Sit still, shut up and breathe….

Let the crap… I mean, whateverstuff, memories come to the surface. Don’t run.

SIT STILL for god’s sake and heal! imean DEAL!

Hhhh, it appears I am babbling… Again.

Would love to request the higher self-take over this piece of writing,

so I can sooner return to a warm bed… Please?

There is communication, reception and transmission. And that can heal.

But first we must be still enough in our awareness and in our bodies to allow all the repressed blocks to be witnessed and then watered back down to clay. Yes, our only hope of delivering what appears to be a breach baby and keeping the mother and new life sacred is to clear the channels, thereby turning things around. Clear the channels, starting with our own. It won’t feel very pleasant.

It won’t look very pleasant. In truth, verbiage is not required, “Does a pimple require explanation?”

No… survey maybe, a bit of working with it, having the intent of executing a pathway to relieve the matter… It’s not pretty but it is necessary.

Rather have it come out.

Today we want the quick fix. Plaster over it. Conceal it. Suck out the fat, cut and sew the face… Humm, I wonder if they do necks? Ok, I have been betrayed, “Higher self?”

All these things we believe will do it for us. We think we can feel good now and at peace….

So what is the point?

In each one of us there is ‘the Grinch’ the dark and insidious self… the lost part of the soul. It is clever. It is a master at deception. We deceive ourselves when we think, “That is someone else not me.” Truly, it is the greatest Dragon to slay, the one that guards the gateway to our own heart, perpetuating illusions, facilitating detours, telling endless stories… This blocks access to our own heart, the Heart of Humanity and the Heart of The Divine.

Today, the tower is reframed as the Web. We cast strands outward… personally, patriotically and globally. Try as we might, exhausted in our efforts, the truth is… spinning our web out further, hoping to realize Heaven, is a distraction. It is an ego driven misguided attempt to run from the cold dark discomfort. Our collective desire to finally be at peace, to co-create a world where we can feel fulfilled and safe, where we can feel content, can only be achieved by returning to the center of the web, the portal of the Universal Sacred Heart found within each one of us. It connects us all to each other, to Heaven, to God and ultimately to the experience of Love… undiluted, uneventful… just IS… if we can be courageous enough to break away from the endless programming, the ego, and fear based manipulation, long enough to sit quietly in the center of self and listen, feel and observe the dragons as they appear... the demons of our unconscious.

Create the space. Meet the truth, the unpleasant, uncomfortable transient truths…

and remember the lost parts of our selves back into Love.

We know what happened to the Tower of Babel.

Communications were cut off. People were scattered, a forced reset,

a return to clay then further to dust.

I trust that enough of us are courageous and strong enough to be still and wait for the darkness, the awful and the ugly to appear from within our selves, transmuting the energy of the internal Dragons and Demons then enlisting what remains to take us the rest of the way as we continue orient toward the center and into the Heart.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reflections and Refraction

The Grinch Who Stole Love

( not because he wanted it for himself,

No… He just wanted to keep it from others.)

Yeah, he took the soil

and blew off the rain.

But Love was insistent,

refusing to refrain.

He’d sit and he’d sit,

his legs crossed in despair,

wanting to take it all,

refusing to share.

Ah, a gentler mood

on his palate would wait,

Mind you, not for him to swallow,

rather to be vomited as bait.

Flock around him they did,

“What an enlightened soul,”

while the energies funneled down

into his little black hole.

Feed him, it did…

a claw clutched breast.

At the bleeding nipple,

secretly he would jest.

Rationales he had.

His own stories were shot,

where he, himself, was

the Hero, Villain and Plot.

Nothing held sacred

among these earthly props.

Defecating on what’s most precious,

no intention to stop.

Alas, a little birdie

with his tale twisted right,

stood on the barb-wired wall,

many days and one long night.

“I know just what to do,”

he chuckled and choked,

“I’ll become his mirror image

and ride in on smoke.”

“I’ll ride past his lips,

cold and shrewd.

Down his long throat,

I’ll descend like the dew."

“I’ll penetrate his lungs,

infiltrating the life giving sacs.

He won’t see the deceit

or have feeling of the facts.”

“He’ll accept me, you know…

even take pleasure in this.

Remember, I am disguised as himself,

delivering a most karmic kiss.”

Expressed for the lost parts of our Self,

fallen away from Love.