Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Unraveling

Unraveling, spinning, spinning …still

Where she stops is on the side of Gods Will.

Curtains are drawn, a prayer to be said,

fantasies spoken off the top of the head.

Where is your emotion when you record?

Dictates from the cerebellum, we can no longer afford.

Tracking time... “Oh don’t be a fool!”

It only exists as a matter of rule.

So of your endeavors you ask, “What shall it be?”

“Listening,” She recalls, “even the blind shall see.”

So we stop the entrainment coming from the house,

the T V, the cockroaches, the computer and it’s mouse.

We feel ourselves slammed into an old wooden chair,

Staring with wonder at the old devils lair.

Panting and writhing from the ubiquitous plot...

Entered into a war where tactics are taught.

So we mindlessly maneuver, until we see what’s at stake

The Spirit usurped, our grand ego is on the take.

Gradually dismissing the historical lies,

we gain Liberation by cutting the ties.

Discovery is about the Truth of the day.

The emptiest moments hold, what God has to say.

So don’t grieve the unraveling, rather rejoice.

The “Kingdom come” is really our choice.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduating In Class 2011

I’ll never forget the feeling I had a Laurel Oaks, years ago, when I went to hug you and I realized that I had to look and reach upward to do that. It was like over night you grew a foot.

I sit now and wonder how I am going to capture in words the awesome feeling it is to know you and to have shared life with you. Your Spirit… well, I have never seen or felt anything like it.

I remember in eighth grade you said after school, “Mom, how come so many people are so closed? How can they ever expect to change when they are like that?”

It was then I saw you realize how very different you are naturally living with an open heart. I really did not have to teach you to be kind, honest, open or fair.

That is who you are. Instead what I had to teach you was about healthy boundaries,

how to observe and watch for patterns in others and in yourself, how to be still long enough to listen to you accurate intuitions and, as a last resort, how to fight to defend.


Yes, you are an amazing man, very rare indeed.

I just will remind you not to follow a leader because YOU are the leader.

Resource other great souls who excel spiritually, intellectually and materially

And see what of their methods will work for you. Let go of the rest.

Never compromise your integrity and your willingness to speak the truth.

You are already a fine example of one who knows much about what is sacred.

I have witnessed that in you, over and over again.

It is true, just to be in your presence elevates people. You really do whole-heartedly

show up.


Grow, stretch and challenge yourself… but never try to change the essence of who you naturally are.

It is one of Gods Greatest Gifts.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Present

Enter the Orifice. ( as Hubert T. Skelly would say)


By- Product...



Happy Birthday Beauty

Caroline Fiona

I woke this morning at 4:04 and wrote you a birthday message. It had my heart all through it. I was so happy to be able to weave the words together that seemed to hold the deep feeling of Love and Gratitude I have for you. Then in a few moments my focus went AWOL and I somehow deleted the whole message. I sit here with what feels like a sword in my heart, annoyed at my tendency to jump tracks. This time, the cost was my Birthday Note to you…

Painful as it is to watch what was built be washed away I know there is a deeper lesson in it. It’s like something challenging me to realize, nothing true can ever really be lost and that God’s plan is superior and perfect in its deliverance and its timing.


The beautiful thing is that we get to start new, to begin again.

I wanted to tell you how honored I am to have been blessed with the gift of you.

In so many ways you have been a teacher, clear in your vision and keen in you ability to hear and tell the truth. You were born into this human life for a special purpose. Like the great trees that you climb, you are growing strong enough to be a beacon of Light for others. Rooted in truth and willing to break free from limiting patterns and programming, you are able to climb to great heights. That is a rare gift bestowed on those destined to be leaders. I see it in you.


One of my fondest memories was that day at the beach when you challenged me to brave the ocean waves. I really did not want to get wet that day and the ocean was a bit wild but I saw the excitement in your eyes and the longing of your spirit to be set free. So I stepped outside of my comfort zone and followed you into the sea. We dove into and through many waves that day. Some of them seemed to recklessly pummel and roll us, spitting us toward the shore. We kept going back into the deep.

I remember how you said one of your favorite things was to hear the profound silence under the waves. True. It is there that the outside world seems to be washed away leaving us to linger immersed in something much greater, something quite Eternal. It feels just like the Place of Peace we find when we dive deep into our own Heart and Soul.

Yes and it is in that place that you will always find my great Love for you.

Happy Birthday Beauty.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pilot G-2 07

I see you fine lady.

Your eyes from the ethers stare.

Tapping into the current, a psychic affair.

I have watched you for a while,

Your webbing straight and tight,

Psychedelic sourcing of the Divine Light.

Oh, the counsel you give,

Commanding your most loyal troops

Hoping they’ll jump through the hole in the loops.

Being produced and with style…

Inventing new methods by which to confer,

Leaving no stone unturned, striking ‘as it were’.

The stories have all been told.

You have come to realize the knot must be tied,

But first let the hem out of the pants to be tried.

We are finishing now, the last magical mile.

Garnish the wages, “Come on, we’re at war!”

We just can’t pretend it’s alright anymore.

Committing only to the Highest Destiny,

She wills the silver needle patiently through.

Intentions are woven into the Cosmic Stew.

So many matters to file,

Slipping in and out of consciousness she spends,

Reading to compute, the telling trends.

Casting a look forward and back…

We think it’s all personal, “Oh don’t be so blind.”

It is the magnificent unfolding of the Universal Mind.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Vision Not Television

The bakers boy sits stout and fat,
tongue running over each finger, like that.

The crust is crunchy the filling sweet,
a tumultuous soul of the beguiled feet.

Manufactured stories do the chemicals bare,
while delusions of grandeur from the mirrors stare.

Haunting memories of many lives betrayed,
Dante's Inferno flavors the pink lemonade.

Trust in nothing but the ability to re-frame,
callous and careless assets of the intellectually lame.

The inner child grown pale from the abuse...
locked deep in the chamber of one so obtuse.

Warranted and compelled the wingless bird,
tries desperately to deliver the lost child's word.

From the bowels of bureaucracy it soulfully ascends,
crawling through the guttural and visual sins.

Landing on the nose and staring straight into the eye,
it collects with fervor the energy for one final cry.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahoy Out There

So... I have heard through the grapevine,

Cool huh? Still a bit too early to call 2012 and 2013.
So we stack the deck, sharpen the sword, get out the sowing kit and
be ready to pin the tail on the donkey and the star on the steward.

Judging Doorways,"Your lack of preparedness is not my emergency."


Saturday, May 14, 2011


Some Judges get annoyed when a person quotes the phrase,
"...any other relief this Court deems just and proper,"
to try to compel him to a certian action or Order.

I imagine it is like demanding to a dedicated police officer
that he enforce the law or suggesting to a conscious mother
that she protect and defend her children.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

At The Homestead

A Note of Appreciation.

Mistletoe Moe and Khia

Non- verbal communication


Spending Time

Sleepy Journeys

Good Company

On the Road again :-)

Half measures avail us nothing...

Quiet Morning

Re-strung and ready to play...

She is sooo talented, my Peacock Feather.

Impressed Upon

No Secrets

Be Advised...


Sleeping Beauties

New Found Land (pun intended)

Roof leaks every rain shower. Hhhh... We learn to improvise adapt and overcome.

Deeply engaged

Class of 2011

Trusting The Process

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Notes To Self

Top 10 Mental Notes to Self…

1.) Do not eat spicy foods the night before a Court hearing.

2.) Try not to piss off the Judge.

3.) Pro Se (s) have an invisible version of the ‘Scarlet Letter’ applied to them.

4.) Know what’s in your purse before you go through security.

5.) Never ride in the elevator box when you have a choice to ascend one step at a time.

6) Realize the Judge is human before becomes impartial.

7.) There are cameras in every Courthouse room, don’t pick your nose.

8.) Don’t appear too confident or too insecure, just rest in neutral.

9.) To win or to lose is obsolete. Due process will reveal what is required.

10.) The truth is… at the end of the day, the Judge takes orders from his wife.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Golden Compass and True North

Some may be considered pawns
in this legalistic frame...
I, friends, am moved
by the Masters Hand,
willing to be sacrificed
or to succeed in His
Holy Endeavors.