Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh to feel Laughter

Top Seven Ways To Feel Laughter- plus a bonus ;-)

1) It feels like roiling down a hill sideways, being tickled by all the bumps.

2) It feels like meringue, light and fluffy and can stand on its own.

3) It's like the last exaggerated wobbles of a top. (Feels irregular.)

4) Feels like the spin cycle of the washing machine.

5) Yeah,... and it feels a bit awkward when the laughing bout is triggered by brother stubbing his toe and bending over in excruciating pain.

6) The best laughter is when I realize I am a fool and that it is one of my favorite selves.
(feels honest)

7)It feels opposite of the rigid pews oriented in one direction.
Laughter is flexible. It floats, falls, flails, bobs and bounces.
It spins and spits, shakes and rattles,
showing disregard for anything outside it's own delightful ruckus.

*) There is no more two of us. The laughing God is laughing us into ONE. ( feels unifying)