Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Home 2010

I Remember...
Once we stood, side by side,
contemplating a mountain to climb.
The time was not right, yet I felt the promise
of an extraordinary journey being transmitted to the soul.
I felt the enthusiasm,.. the heat,..the crunch of rock under my feet..
I saw the blue of the sky in your eyes
and felt the warmth of the utterances that flew from you lips.
Love resounds , again and again , in this memory I hold dear.
Maybe in another lifetime?... Maybe when I come back,..
to my Self,.. in this lifetime.
In Love
open to receive,
the Majesty of Existence.
My body, mind and soul,..
climbing the mountain,
this year,..with YOU.


  1. Good Morning Beautiful Shannon!
    I was sleeping/ dreaming last night when I floated up towards consciousness led by muffled explosions. I did not fully awake
    but I remember enjoying the sound of the new year being born.
    I am sure I wore a sleepy smile at the realization of the birth of something quite New!

    Can you feel the lead weighted Time turning winged Golden?

  2. Wow Suzette, me myself and ALL had some party last night, time sure flies when you havin' fun, winging it with no-thing hangover!

    Here's to climbing the Mountain of Life, lead by God's Truth in Light, our Whole Heart in each Sacred Step!

    I feel deep sadness and deep joy so far, back here in 2010, and I laugh so hard when I see that picture of you Shannon, side splitting, so cute in that hat...feel so much Love for you Guys!


  3. Oo I can, Suzette! Winged Golden!

    Golden that's my sun sleuth hat! I'm searching for sillyness! Will you join me in my quest?!

  4. Yes of course silly!
    Thank you, you Super Sun Sleuth you.
    (Um, do you know how to find Sacred Sacrums too? I need a Treasure Map and a Compass!)

    Suzette I'm gonna have to ask kindly that
    Mr. Webster and a group of S words show up here. Sufferin' Succotash my Dear!

  5. Yesssss, of course Sacred Serpent SoulSister.
    Sending subtle sonic songs to bless thy sacred sacrum.
    Thy left hand holds, the right enfolds till tingles of Truth reveal
    the lot...

  6. Thank God for Soul Sistors! I wasn't even sure I had a sacrum! Seriously, I got up the middle of the night giggling, to look up the word 'Sacrum', for awhile I was saying, "You silly it's another word for Heart!", and that makes sense, because we make Love from our heart! Oh my, thank you for simply singing sonic songs and for the laying on of blessing hands, sure are alot of sexy 'S' words!
    Now, I will have to tune in and 'Feel' the power of Sacred Sensation! xoxoxo

  7. "Tingles of truth reveal the lot..." Oooo I LOVE IT! Thank you, shining stealthily Scorpio Sophia.

    Oh my heavens Golden you are so cute it tears up my eyes!

  8. ~~~sssophias'~~~sssacred~~~sssacrum~~:>~