Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hell Of A Race

Hell is a place where laughter swells

orienting toward combustible bells

torrents of artesian wells, disrupted.

And after the host inhales the fumes,

memories seared with beautiful plumes,

rest in Oxford ties about the neck, encrusted.

The Devil arrives caring a well worn deck.

“Draw a card,” he delightfully dares,

a twinkle in his eye as our draw prepares...

to take from his hand, seeing no other choice.

Pray for the Joker so we can rejoice...

Yes, life goes on, the tics abound,

clocks and stocks rewound and rebound...

And we light a cigar, fat and sweet,

only to have it put out on the souls of our feet.

Integrity and love and Trust is preached.

The whistle blows as the starting line is reached.

We run side by side in our little slots,

contemplating betrayal the most horrendous of plots.

Never mind the folks who laid their bets on us.

Imprisoned in the stands, it is in our finishing, they trust.

And while we glare at the rabbit, all the while resenting

There in the stands our loved ones presenting...

Trust in us to finish the race,

with a full heart and a measure of grace.

See, we were not chosen, no we volunteered,

so toward a better Destiny this ship could be steered.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Here i am again,

face to face with nothing...

mirrored reflections,

vacant eyes.

I ask,"How did you arrive here... yet again?"

In stark silence,

no latitude, no laughter,

caught in the final crack of a falling leaf,

broken, yet again...

Set free.

Virtual visions of impending stories,

I take a break from myself,

solace in my disappointment,

allowing myself to reorient to Truth.

Gods loving hand outstretched...

waiting patiently for my return

to the loving Grace that envelopes me

and still sets me free to wander

through the sandcastles of time...

I have come to trust the crashing wave

that leaves me homeless, once again...

from fanciful dreams ... a contrived version

of this eternal belonging.

O God... Hold me, I am home.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I was sitting on the porch wondering about the timing of events...
asking for guidance, questioning my own methods and motivations.
There was a sincerity in that vulnerable moment.
I sat still, simply open to receive the information that would guide me and enlighten me to the action needed at this time.
Yes, I was just simply open, having asked, when it flew down from
a high branch and landed fifty feet in front of me, near a spot that is a portal for all things eternally growing. It picked at the ground curiously, taking its time... unhurried... unworried.
And then it looked over at me, acknowledging something before it powerfully flew upward, again. So, It's wings sent waves that cut through the interference and reminded me
that October must be held close... all stationed exactly where they are suppose to be
at this moment.

So, I will hold October and this beloved world with it... as gently,
as lovingly and as powerfully as if I am holding you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Piercing

She notices the incessant cracks in time.
And portals she does seek to find,
starting with one upon her lip,
casting a line from the identity ship.
Yes, she knows that she can never be matched
and that the creative flow cannot be latched...
It swirls and swirls with no conceivable end.
The tears and tastes we wont try to mend,
because the garden grows from the broken shell
and it is here I knowingly bid you well.
You will certainly find all that you need
O fairy child, I love you indeed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Ultimate Choice

Would you choose to meet your beloved, to know and to feel a most profound Love?

Would you, if you knew it was only temporary?

Would you, if you knew this most blessed experience, the physical mark of it,
would disappear like a cloud evaporating into the sky?

Would you valiantly bear the pain, the grief and maybe even the anger of having
the hand, once woven into your own.... now, nowhere to be found?

Would you be able to make the shift, the cosmic connective leap to know
that the Love, once physically expressed, now exists in the air you breathe?

Would you realize that?... that the gentle kisses once placed on your neck are
now translated into the gentle brushes of the breeze... that the sounds of the songs
that once impressed upon your eardrum are now living inside the sure beats of your Heart.

If you knew all that, would you still choose, even if only temporarily...
would you still choose... to Love?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Current

Outside my current station is the skeletal remains of an old car.
It is where my newest companion has taken up residence. We met one night as I walked outside toward the outhouse. He looked like a possessed coconut that had an all too familiar sound of a muffler dragging on the ground. I screamed. He found that amusing and we faced each other in a stalemate. It would be days until I glimpsed him again. I even thought about leaving some food outside his hole at the right rear tire. Then I remembered,"Oh God Suzette, this is just how you last relationship started with the rat at the R V, all so very casual and innocent."
We all know how that ended. Hhhhh. So I resisted the urge to reach out to my armored friend but the truth is I am starting to watch for him, tuning into his particular sounds. Wondering if this could work or if history will just repeat itself. Sensibility comes over me and I realize what really matters is that I feel new inspiration. I don't feel so alone anymore. That is beautiful.
I only ever wanted to find my lovers reading glasses on my night stand... instead I find half the husk of a centipede snack at my doorstep and somehow I find that endearing.
That is very scary.

Good night,

Tea Talk

Maybe we could revisit the definition of ‘walked away’.

We all walk away.

Fortunately, our lives are better measured by the times we stood up to face the great challenges and by the steadfast open heart and open hearth of true friends.

You see, I am finding, my destiny is not tied to any thing or anyone.

Perhaps my destiny is simply to dance and sing and to Love.

Yes, to Love.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Note

I know, I can hear it now, some savvy young folk will tell me I don't know how to use
the web sites. True enough, I am learning and yes I do make mistakes that would no doubt be very embarrassing, IF I had a peer group. I do appreciate your concern. And yes, I now realize that
there is no need to display each new song individually... Right, it is the whole point of having a "channel". I have not owned a T V for ages it seems (happily), and it is kind of funny that I appear to actually operate a channel now, although not very intelligently. Oh come on, you all should know my object and priority will never be intelligence over Love. I keep wondering, why I would think I could pass a Logic exam and do well? But yesterday I had so much fun singing and playing with all my heart, I realized 'Logic' was exactly what I was attempting to avoid... Maybe just like the not Laws in the logic games, charting what will not work can serve as an area of restriction that will make the right answer more apparent. I'll take this test and do my best but I do not really feel passionate about it. I dream of going to India, one day. It seems an impossible dream right now. I know if it is Gods will, the path will unfold and I will be ready. Until then I will listen and sing with all my Heart.

Precious Photo

Rainbow Mohawk, I hope you are feeling better.
Surly a salt bath, garlic and a Seuss book will do the trick.
And maybe a dose of Laughter. See you October 1 st dear friend.

Glimpse Of You

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Woodland Chatter

I carry you with me in the early morn.

Aye, I shall carry you with me in the eternal dawn.

And in between those two, lies night.

It is there I have learned the truth of sight.

Hidden below the canopy are sounds,

crickets rubbing knees in vibratory rounds.

The lilt of laughter is all about,

echoing from a coyote’s snout.

The owl chimes in to announce who…


Yes, youuu… It is youuuuu…

The bird lands atop the tent,

from a distance with a message sent

and singing of visions of a day to come

that is woven in and through this one.

And I am taken with all the woodland chatter,

excited stirrings about some matter.

I ask, “What?” They just laugh at me,

thinking how silly it is that I cannot see.

Monday, September 12, 2011

High Springs

The Welcoming Party.




Transient Nature

Morning Sun

Crazy Good Day

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dancing Through This Day

I Could not get going.
I did not know where to start.
The spaces were filled with to little heart.

I was summoned to dig deeper and
this building did bear
a secret treasure down the stairs.

At the end of the day my work will be done.
AND both sides are happy!
We have finally ALL won.

Why did I think I had to choose?
Silly to assume one side must lose.

My lines are funkie not following a pattern.
But the Bible says, "Now lets head for Saturn."

So It will all be all right, If I just let things be.
The kids all around me, I just feel so free.

I'll talk to you later when I have time to spare.
Right now I am going to meet this personal dare!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Corpus Callosum and the Isthmus Test

An Appeal for Mediation;

My right brain wants to write poetry

to find a feather and draw circles in the sand

The left brain sends over a chilling remand.

My poetic flow is jumbled and sputtering like an engine out of gas.

The left brain says,” Girl, time to get off your ass!”

“Oh yes,” comes now, the sarcastic reply, “You prefer Logic Games… my O my,,,”

Oh GOD!!! Will you two STOP!

I need both of you, can’t you see.

Surly there is a way to have harmony!

“WE can not integrate you blind ole fool.

That is the whole point of sides, you must not overrule.”

“I AM in charge here you pompous butts.

I am the Corpus Callosum and you are driving me nuts!

I have to sit here in this spot day after day

listening to your complaints to my utter dismay.

Get me a Phillips Head screwdriver and I’ll set things right,

Everything will be irrelevant…You still want to fight?"

“Do not threaten us with your reptilian rage

I thought we all agreed to turn a new page?"

Ah yes indeed, now would you like some tea?

“Please, two spoons of honey straight from the Beez.”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Show Up

It is wise to use the system to our advantage, not to our disadvantage.
So I did. I got everything I wanted really and the other feels they won.
Wow. Divine Justice is really awesome. The Higher Perspective is so all encompassing.
Yes, my prayers were answered, all of them. Now Bek and I head back to our
unique and charmed lives. But few will realize this truth.

Thanks Johnny O. The reporter was absolutely required.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome Ancestors

This convenes the War Council,
all knowing that the greater war always lies within our selves.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Beginnings

We drive from our humble stead in the woods to the hub of higher education.

The drop.

Woman's first steps into the matrix.

And there I was dutifully minding my own case when I get asked politely to move
my person from my cozy lawful corner, to make room for the ribbon cutting ceremony.
The Judge talked about the libraries convenient hours for lawyers. The head librarian talked of the realities of more common folk appearing pro se and the gratitude for such a resource.

I made copies of case law and Florida Statues and was finished in time to watch the ceremony.
When it was over I hurried to put the books back in their proper place. The head Librarian said,"You're the first one to officially use this section." I smiled and nodded. I like being at the beginnings of things.

Fine line between crazy and courageous... I think life requires a little of both.
See me waiting patiently, bottom left.

Not a minute to spare...

There they are, old friends in a new day. Below; She is visibly annoyed as she sees the camera in my hand through the translucent windshield. Listen, I have been divinely instructed to document this part of our lives... and besides no one in the family ever reads this blog. Yet.

It was a good day.