Monday, May 31, 2010

Top 10 ways to prepare your Temple

1.) Sing even if you think you can't.

2.) Personalize your glass of drinking water.
Infuse it with what empowers you.
For example, set it in the Sun, drum or play music to it,
giving it a vibrational flavor that further nourishes you.
Project the felt experience of a powerful positive memory into it...etc.

3.)Feel the uncomfortable, like mud between your toes, realizing it can be washed away.

4.)When your with someone you love, Be with them with all your Heart/ Body and Soul.
You just never know when it will be the last time.

5.) Do some cross-dressing ( dress/ act/ feel like the other sex),
especially if you are repulsed by the idea.
After all, we are physically made from a man and a woman,
We are both (physically/emotionally and mentally).
We may not have realized it yet.
Once this is realized we can experience what it feels like to be whole.
Gender is like eye color or skin color, a unifying Force rests beneath the surface.

6.)Remember a time that was extraordinary. Re-play it.
Then re-play it in terms of the feelings that were present.
Allow your self to receive that feeling again.

7.)Very quickly list all the senses of the body.
The first and last one on the list or the one you leave out
may be the one that will assist you moving inward.
All the senses are portals into deeper awareness.
This is where mindfulness( in Buddhist teachings) is so helpful
in anchoring in the Sacred Body.

8.)Look up 'Love' in the dictionary.
There are so many meanings for that word.
Examine what Love means to you.
Notice the feelings and where they are in the body as you consider Love.
When you settle on True Love ( you know this because
the feeling of Peace will pervade), allow It.
You are Now in the Current. Congratulations!

(.9 Notice how you are breathing. Then put your hand over your Heart and feel the beats,
imagine them pushing life blood and air through that beautiful body of yours. Practice appreciating your Self.

10.)When you can be still and feel Love for your Self,
welcome the other soul, who has loved you for so long,
to come close and share this most sacred moment.
This is Heaven in the midst of chaos. It is our birthright and our Garden.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

11 Hours, our paths cross again

Rebekah and I set out to meet Heather up the road to lead her to the house.

I woke early and found a Great Spirit in the bath room.
It was at least as big as the palm of the hand.

Messages received.

Misty morning full of magic.

Greeting the Sun...

As Heather and I walked by, our attention was simultaneously
drawn into the thunderous sound.
The horses were galloping straight at us powerfully and at great speed.
Then just as suddenly there was stillness and silence.
We all stood face to face for a while.
The messages were vibrationally understood. Gifts received.

Afterwards a return to morning meditation.

A few last words...

Heather finds fluffy flower to fan face with.

She meets my new friend...

Here she is laughing yellow and orange. Gosh they do look alike!

Then finally I was captivated by this grand web.
It had a strong grandmother energy.
All the strands held tiny droplets of water that looked like pearls.
It was the most beautiful peace of jewelry I had ever witnessed.
I sat mesmerized in the delicate design.
The portal at the center felt like a sacred heart.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Morning Walk

The web spoke in colors.

We are One.

Laughing Yellow and Orange.

True blue...

Well, this morning I made a new friend. He let me hug him and even smiled big
after I shared my green jasmine tea with maple syrup.

First impressions...

On my Path...

Breakfast... God given... Yea!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning

He woke me up this morning, drumming.
Stalked him for about 40 minutes before I captured this moment.

I watched this one work the whole tree of flowers. Ha Ha... Sweet huh!

This one seem to say "Trust."

It was the biggest I have seen in years.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Calling All Players

Calling All Players.

Inhabit our bodies... it is the only way.
Trust the pain, the tension, the dizziness
as they have messages for us.
These will help us navigate through our experience
of this Earth Life.
When we embrace and listen to the teachings of the body,
our holy temple, we begin to realize we are receivers of information
both personal and global and beyond.
Once we are able to 'be with' what is being received on a personal level
then we graduate to realizing we are also receiving and getting information of
the global current, the State of the Union, if you will.

Yes, waves of nausea personally lead us to deal with whats up or
whats inside...and what is the activating stimulus.
Then we realize the planet is nauseous...
thereby realizing our bigger body
and the Consciousness continues to expand.

In normal circumstance, the body has intelligence.
It assesses and treats, like in the process of the blood coagulating.
However sometimes the injury is too severe.
A bleeding wound requires that we apply pressure.
We focus on a point with clear intention,
until the next move is apparent...

We are more than this Earth body and experience.
We are connected to the great Mystery, to God.
We shall return to the One..
So one may ask, "Why participate in the in the creation?
It already is, right?"
Maybe ... maybe not... Maybe we are not given all the answers for a reason.
Game rules. Keeps things more interesting. Hhhh good.
I always loved a good challenge!

We have agreed to this experience together.
We are soulful players. YOU know how you are!

We have been gifted talents and abilities, oh yes.

You know what they are.

So at this time we are called to participate in sailing this divine Cosmic/ Earth Ship,
making adjustments as required until we reenter the time of calm seas...
And We Will enter another time of calm,
clear and life giving seas.

Remember hearing over the P A system, "THIS IS A TEST... It is only a test."
Who knows, maybe it's the real thing! It feels real.

If we are actively doing our personal awareness work, the holy healing work,
NOW it is time to recognize, once firmly rooted in our physical vehicles,
that we are bigger, MUCH BIGGER, than our bodies.

So remember biofeedback? We learned WE could stop a headache
or reduce our own blood pressure. Yes, scientifically it was proven.

If we are bigger than our bodies and connected to All that is,
then, Hey! guess what!
That's right... for those who are not stuck in addiction or incapacitated by fear
and self imposed limitations, we finally get to consciously use the rest of our beloved brain,
which serves as a portal to the Cosmic Universal Mind which is also our domain.
Awe come on, didn't we come to play?
Wasn't that the point? So here we are, you and you and you....

Huddle: listen my beloveds when in the midst of chaos and confusion, do what you do with all your heart. Sing if you love to sing. Dance if you love to dance...
Bless the world, bless the Universe with your Passion, with your Passion,
with All of your Heart...and we have won.

Feel you on the Field and in the Current.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Half Moon

Last night I looked up at the half moon. I felt forlorn..
I let myself be there in that sadness.
I remembered a dream, a hope I had, a wish I wanted to see realized
and that part of me felt lonely...
I held space for Consciousness to reveal a deeper truth.
I realized that I had this current of Love running through my body.
I felt so full and pregnant with this energy of Love.
The fragmented part of me said, " Where is he?" and
the whole being said," I am She" and in that moment I realized my power..
to Love.

So, with eyelids at half mast and wearing a faint smile,
I wrapped my far reaching energy arms around this world
and I brought it into my chest and into my middle
and I just held it All so tenderly. So fully did I feel my love pour out
and through and around and back again... into me.
It was so perfect this long, loving embrace.
It was so healing for me to let that bounty of love flow,
in the moment with no conditions, allowing it to find it's own way
into every heart, every cell, every atom and the spaces in between.
I felt at peace, like I had everything, like i am everything,
loving myself inward, outward and through.
There was no prayer to say... no hope to feel.
In the moment of my loving the Universe through the world I know,
I am healed.
So this is my gift to All.
Love Love Love

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 20 - Class of 2010

She was the first one out of the building... Wait.. Wait! What about pictures?

A Southeast wind was calling her...


Everyone wants to know what she is going to do with her life...
She is going to let go of the 'need to know'.

Yeah, so let it rain. The captain will put a reef in the main...