Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mandatory Disclosure and Evil Redressed

Though in our egoic attempts to prune
and lay to waste the things of Evil,
noticing all too clearly only that which apparently dwells
outside our own root cause, we amplify discord
in the name of righteousness.

And would that the '...pale cast of thought...'
that relinquishes Truth from the failing body,
instead '... take arms against a sea of troubles...'
and aim to depose them,
the case then would rest sufficient on the face
of this divine Truth...that this process is necessary
to grow us into our ability to perceive and feel
the radiance flowing through our sacred body
as it navigates through God's Infinite Jurisdiction.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blessed Rain

In the wee hours the rain came.

I stumbled from my humble bed

Into the darkness to be wet

Once Again

And as the liquid fodder taps

My mind gifts, a conscious lapse

In Time

Spun into a quiet place

Enveloped in a loving embrace

O’ God

There I know all is well

Separation is but a silly spell

I’m Here

The laughter is the thread that sews

Conscious deliverance through the prose

Of Life

Wondering if you feel it too…

There is no question that you do

My Love

For now it is alone I dance

Finding blessings in this chance

To Feel

Monday, April 11, 2011

Into The Darkness A Little Light Grows


Procedure…precedent… pro se.

Dissenting opinions...

Don’t worry, it’s o. k.

Motions and notions

Silent devotions

A tragic tear

she sews

Global disgrace… qualified case

Valuable on it’s face

The Stewart says,” but I’ll know it when I see it.”


Try as I might

this midland flight

has few bearings

by which to steer.

The awful smut

swings from lawful rebut.

We trust he will have ears

to hear.

Desensitized population,

a demoralized nation,

pray tell, what is left

to fear?

Indecision… appellate revision,

Second coming…When?

They fear the mister,

while awaiting the Master, then.

Too few who will take a stand.

Into the ethers I reach for the Hand,

that dictates and delivers.


Veritas Lux Mea