Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2nine, nineteen63. Please, let's get the nine fixed on this thing?!

So Anyway.

At some point in the next 12 hours I'll be 46 years...

4 +6 =10 That's suppose to mean something, hahahah!!!

Well, every year I choose to bestow a gift upon myself,..
Yes , every year since college...

This year I am being fully 'aware' of my being a receiver,
you know,.. kinda like the cactus receives the energy from the sun
and channels it down into Mother Earth,..
an open Hearted receiver...
This year and here- now,..forever after,.. hopefully,...'Aware'...

God,.. grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,...

..."the Courage to change the things I can..

and the Wisdom to know the difference..."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Moment

I wandered on and through,.. mindlessly.

I thought I heard the song... A distant memory shook loose from

the archives of my experience...

My teacher from a time long past is here to greet me...

"Pray tell ?" she asks....

He answers in a smile,..

caught up in the eyes that pierce into the soul,..

riding the waves of infinity,..

boundless current of Love freely given,

" Stay the Course,.. all the while,.. letting go..."

"Let Go..."


Monday, October 19, 2009

What's Inside?

The wind is shifting, swirling around in all directions...
I know there is a purpose in all this. It is confusing and I do feel alone.
I am following my Heart and my intuition. That feels right.
I find a safe place within myself,..
like a building that has withstood much weather and many years.

I open the door to find it full of stuff I had stored there,.. for, I don't know, a long time.

I realize as I go to the piles and stacks that, my God ,

I have been carrying this around for so long I don't even notice it anymore.

I look at the room and you know, I just want a place to sit, to dance, to laugh and to cry.

So I examine what's inside. My body becomes soup of emotions,
that in time take wing into the sky getting smaller and smaller.

The stuff starts to disappear.
The room becomes empty.

I sit for a time and just feel the space, the emptiness...

Now I don't feel so alone in the space I have created for myself.

I paint rainbows and lots flowers,and some wild clouds.

There now I have a little table.

Got some sweet apple juice to share with you.

When you visit.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


True Love can neither be created or destroyed... It just is.
Somehow we apply our stories to 'Love' to make a rationale or a romance.
We say, "This is Love or that is Love", because certain conditions are met.

I say to you, Love is the space around and through everything.
Love is our teacher , our parent, our friend...
Sometimes we realize Love through an encounter with an enemy.
Love is a Spirit that lingers and caresses and is willing to met us in the pit.
It reveals itself, eyes wide open and eyes shut tight.
It expresses itself and enters through our conscious expansion,
doors of our Self that we open. Alas, It moves through the
doors long ago locked tight, although we may be unable to recognize it, in the moment.

Love is inseparable from Life Experience.
And in the darkest hour, if we are still enough and open enough,
this Love can be felt as an unchanging Comfort and Peace
that sits in the center of the Heart..

Forever Into Infinity

I saw a Turtledove peer down from the roof, toward the grapevine,..
withstanding the eager gaze of the cats below...

Then looking over I notice the Tree. I think about how it receives
from the world and its people. Its trunk firmly planted into the ground,
I watch its graceful delicate branches dance with the wind and I feel
how beautifully intimate this movement of breeze as it brushes the hair
across my face.
I remember all the times I was enveloped by that invisible touch, like the
gentile stroke of a loving Grandmother. I felt special to receive this loving adoration,..
even if it was invisible.
Thus, I was shown how to give a gentile touch to soothe an aching soul.
And I found myself moving, sort of unnoticed, swirling around the great Mother,
and then stopping at your bedside, friend...
I look upon your face and see a child of the Earth and Sky...
Ever so gently I lay down beside you to whisper words that will barely be heard
and perhaps not remembered,.. "I love you,..Forever into Infinity..."

My Heart beats out a steady rhythm of Truth...
I look over toward your eyes to find you sleeping,...
maybe dreaming of the kiss I place upon your forehead,..
"Good Night".

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Infinite Wonder

The walk up the mountain stirs the soul...How far, I can see... And arms outstretched ,
with ease,.. do I fly...
I was thinking,... rather remembering, getting stuck in the ground,.. fixed into some
circumstance or idea with its accompanying feeling. Barely able to Breathe, much less move.

It is true that there was a purpose in all that,..the sort of forced stillness that leaves one stranded on the Island of Ones Own Body/Mind... or so it seemed...

And I felt the blessed tree reveal to me what being rooted and still is all about...
I felt the immense Love that poured forth from our gentle mother Earth,..through the molten
layers, up, up through into the soil and rock that understood the tree ,..Love that would enter the tree, to branch out,.. to receive the Sun,.. all expressed in this alchemical movement and Divine Love...

Vibration enters through my feet and my back to meet in the heart, where indeed it blossomed.
So,.. I realized that being stuck is an opportunity to be still and thus begin to feel, as the
expanded awareness evolves,..that in fact, this moment is a Gift...