Friday, December 9, 2011


Here i am again,

face to face with nothing...

mirrored reflections,

vacant eyes.

I ask,"How did you arrive here... yet again?"

In stark silence,

no latitude, no laughter,

caught in the final crack of a falling leaf,

broken, yet again...

Set free.

Virtual visions of impending stories,

I take a break from myself,

solace in my disappointment,

allowing myself to reorient to Truth.

Gods loving hand outstretched...

waiting patiently for my return

to the loving Grace that envelopes me

and still sets me free to wander

through the sandcastles of time...

I have come to trust the crashing wave

that leaves me homeless, once again...

from fanciful dreams ... a contrived version

of this eternal belonging.

O God... Hold me, I am home.