Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I was sitting on the porch wondering about the timing of events...
asking for guidance, questioning my own methods and motivations.
There was a sincerity in that vulnerable moment.
I sat still, simply open to receive the information that would guide me and enlighten me to the action needed at this time.
Yes, I was just simply open, having asked, when it flew down from
a high branch and landed fifty feet in front of me, near a spot that is a portal for all things eternally growing. It picked at the ground curiously, taking its time... unhurried... unworried.
And then it looked over at me, acknowledging something before it powerfully flew upward, again. So, It's wings sent waves that cut through the interference and reminded me
that October must be held close... all stationed exactly where they are suppose to be
at this moment.

So, I will hold October and this beloved world with it... as gently,
as lovingly and as powerfully as if I am holding you.