Friday, September 16, 2011

Merkaba Baboon

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  1. Girls, Girls, Girls... O Ma Gosh! That was so dear your post inviting me
    to come and go as I please... and I do aim to please... Wow Powerful! I can't wait to play and cry and yell just a little bit with you again. Anyway, as you can see I have been busy studying the 'Not Logic'. You know... just got to fly with the wind sometimes... Just the way it is. Love you and miss you both. Give Khia and Sophia a kiss for me. xoxoxo
    Oh funny note in the Logic Games there is some words of Wisdom that promising application fo REAL Life matters... Here it is "The point is that restrictions, when present in a game,never go away. You must always track them and be prepared for questions that will force you to address the restriction." On that note I'll let you get bust tracking your issues. ;-)