Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Woodland Chatter

I carry you with me in the early morn.

Aye, I shall carry you with me in the eternal dawn.

And in between those two, lies night.

It is there I have learned the truth of sight.

Hidden below the canopy are sounds,

crickets rubbing knees in vibratory rounds.

The lilt of laughter is all about,

echoing from a coyote’s snout.

The owl chimes in to announce who…


Yes, youuu… It is youuuuu…

The bird lands atop the tent,

from a distance with a message sent

and singing of visions of a day to come

that is woven in and through this one.

And I am taken with all the woodland chatter,

excited stirrings about some matter.

I ask, “What?” They just laugh at me,

thinking how silly it is that I cannot see.