Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Beginnings

We drive from our humble stead in the woods to the hub of higher education.

The drop.

Woman's first steps into the matrix.

And there I was dutifully minding my own case when I get asked politely to move
my person from my cozy lawful corner, to make room for the ribbon cutting ceremony.
The Judge talked about the libraries convenient hours for lawyers. The head librarian talked of the realities of more common folk appearing pro se and the gratitude for such a resource.

I made copies of case law and Florida Statues and was finished in time to watch the ceremony.
When it was over I hurried to put the books back in their proper place. The head Librarian said,"You're the first one to officially use this section." I smiled and nodded. I like being at the beginnings of things.

Fine line between crazy and courageous... I think life requires a little of both.
See me waiting patiently, bottom left.

Not a minute to spare...

There they are, old friends in a new day. Below; She is visibly annoyed as she sees the camera in my hand through the translucent windshield. Listen, I have been divinely instructed to document this part of our lives... and besides no one in the family ever reads this blog. Yet.

It was a good day.