Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Ultimate Choice

Would you choose to meet your beloved, to know and to feel a most profound Love?

Would you, if you knew it was only temporary?

Would you, if you knew this most blessed experience, the physical mark of it,
would disappear like a cloud evaporating into the sky?

Would you valiantly bear the pain, the grief and maybe even the anger of having
the hand, once woven into your own.... now, nowhere to be found?

Would you be able to make the shift, the cosmic connective leap to know
that the Love, once physically expressed, now exists in the air you breathe?

Would you realize that?... that the gentle kisses once placed on your neck are
now translated into the gentle brushes of the breeze... that the sounds of the songs
that once impressed upon your eardrum are now living inside the sure beats of your Heart.

If you knew all that, would you still choose, even if only temporarily...
would you still choose... to Love?