Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Corpus Callosum and the Isthmus Test

An Appeal for Mediation;

My right brain wants to write poetry

to find a feather and draw circles in the sand

The left brain sends over a chilling remand.

My poetic flow is jumbled and sputtering like an engine out of gas.

The left brain says,” Girl, time to get off your ass!”

“Oh yes,” comes now, the sarcastic reply, “You prefer Logic Games… my O my,,,”

Oh GOD!!! Will you two STOP!

I need both of you, can’t you see.

Surly there is a way to have harmony!

“WE can not integrate you blind ole fool.

That is the whole point of sides, you must not overrule.”

“I AM in charge here you pompous butts.

I am the Corpus Callosum and you are driving me nuts!

I have to sit here in this spot day after day

listening to your complaints to my utter dismay.

Get me a Phillips Head screwdriver and I’ll set things right,

Everything will be irrelevant…You still want to fight?"

“Do not threaten us with your reptilian rage

I thought we all agreed to turn a new page?"

Ah yes indeed, now would you like some tea?

“Please, two spoons of honey straight from the Beez.”