Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Current

Outside my current station is the skeletal remains of an old car.
It is where my newest companion has taken up residence. We met one night as I walked outside toward the outhouse. He looked like a possessed coconut that had an all too familiar sound of a muffler dragging on the ground. I screamed. He found that amusing and we faced each other in a stalemate. It would be days until I glimpsed him again. I even thought about leaving some food outside his hole at the right rear tire. Then I remembered,"Oh God Suzette, this is just how you last relationship started with the rat at the R V, all so very casual and innocent."
We all know how that ended. Hhhhh. So I resisted the urge to reach out to my armored friend but the truth is I am starting to watch for him, tuning into his particular sounds. Wondering if this could work or if history will just repeat itself. Sensibility comes over me and I realize what really matters is that I feel new inspiration. I don't feel so alone anymore. That is beautiful.
I only ever wanted to find my lovers reading glasses on my night stand... instead I find half the husk of a centipede snack at my doorstep and somehow I find that endearing.
That is very scary.

Good night,