Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Note

I know, I can hear it now, some savvy young folk will tell me I don't know how to use
the web sites. True enough, I am learning and yes I do make mistakes that would no doubt be very embarrassing, IF I had a peer group. I do appreciate your concern. And yes, I now realize that
there is no need to display each new song individually... Right, it is the whole point of having a "channel". I have not owned a T V for ages it seems (happily), and it is kind of funny that I appear to actually operate a channel now, although not very intelligently. Oh come on, you all should know my object and priority will never be intelligence over Love. I keep wondering, why I would think I could pass a Logic exam and do well? But yesterday I had so much fun singing and playing with all my heart, I realized 'Logic' was exactly what I was attempting to avoid... Maybe just like the not Laws in the logic games, charting what will not work can serve as an area of restriction that will make the right answer more apparent. I'll take this test and do my best but I do not really feel passionate about it. I dream of going to India, one day. It seems an impossible dream right now. I know if it is Gods will, the path will unfold and I will be ready. Until then I will listen and sing with all my Heart.