Friday, July 10, 2009

What the cat dragged IN

This morn just before 9 am Calsifer Scored!
Quick! I opened all the doors hoping it would flee.
As it perched on the circular window upstairs I carefully, with a tee shirt
rescued the stressed out soul.
Off I ran to the neighbors. She has a working camera.
See how cute?
And so symbolic. March to the beat of your own drum...
I felt its racing heart beats through the t shirt.
Soon the bird was calm seeing the sky and feeling my adoration.
Sassy little critter . He started to peck and bite.
"I am OVER this, " said he.
Off he flew on his self made undulating rhythm.

So I go upstairs to sit quietly in my empty room and cat walks in with a strut, full of himself.
" YOU THE MAN", I say with a sort of obnoxious loudness.
He looks straight into my eyes and says, " Good morning huh? Caught em right in my TEETH."
Yes, this is the day he has dreamed about. He has waited, stalked, pondered and pounced.
Today his kingdom he realizes more fully.
Now I observe his little demonstrations of deep contentment and Joy.
Grand was his rite of passage.


  1. I am feeling like something the cat dragged in this morning, and trust me when I tell ya, I ain't that cute! lol Have a Beautiful day Suzette!

    'undedat' ;)
    'surup' Yup, sticky wicket!