Friday, July 17, 2009

Give Me A Moment

Oh Man,
I wish I could take your little infant self and hold you in my arms.
I would look upon your face smiling into your perfection.
I would wiggle my finger into your fist till you opened and grabbed tight.
Your eyes would often see my loving attention.
If only I could cradle you softly between my arm and my heart
to give to you Child a feeling of your greatness.
And I would witness when you were two your sheer delight in grabbing the cats tail,
a handful of fur the gift of the moment.
You’d look at me and I’d reflect back the riches of that moment.
Store it , you would in your memory, being loved, being Love
and feeling it all around you…
If I could hold your infant self I would whisper sweet songs into your ear
while your eyes smiled, “Thank you”.
You’d soon be five and I’d watch for your talents and interests,
holding up the mirror for you to realize your beautiful self as you grew.
Give me a moment and I’ll blow on your belly making a silly loud sound
that makes you laugh.
I play the fool for you because it makes you feel happy...
Give me a chance to allow you to cry,
to hold that space and trust you will bring yourself to resolution.
Then we both can grow right?…My little Teacher.


  1. Oh Suzette...soooooo know the 'what' in the 'who' is the gift of eternal Divine Mother...gurgle gurgle...giggle giggle...coo coo...softness over all in all through all. Thank you for all you share :)