Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Independence Day 2009

I do understand that the celebration of the 4 th of July is to honor the perseverance, courage, creative thoughts and actions of those people over TWO HUNDRED years ago that brought us to a certain independence. I wish there was a holiday to make sacred and honor courageous actions or non-actions we take today personally to bring a deeper, truer experience of 'independence' from the thousand things that keep us bound and anesthetized in old debilitating, disease producing patterns.

So I ask, " What rules me today?...Who or What is my Master?... In what ways do I give my power over?" It makes sense that the mastery of Independence is a prerequisite to meaningful Interdependence, Interaction and Intimacy with All Life.

Independence -(physical/mental) not being subject to the 'control' of persons, places, things or ideas.
-(emotional) Simply put ' Being with the way things are unconditionally'.
Then we experience The Vibrational of What Is...Love
(Thanks MB!)

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