Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stay The Course

Feeling sick, tossed about by circumstance…
Wanting to be done with it all…
Wanting to go Home…
Falling down this endless pit of exhaustion and despair…
Everything breaking down, car, camera, computer,…me
Admitting to myself there is little desire to fight…
Shattered into pieces…
Resisting giving up while going ‘IN’…

And I realized this morning CLEARLY that these are, as MB wrote,” the circumstances of my life unconsciously dictated by an inherited, energetic, generational pattern.”
Now, my intuition not to resist the terrific pain and confusion makes good sense.

It is apparent that the backdrop and props of my current story have been divinely orchestrated. “Your experience is you teacher”, says MB. Even though I have looked around for supporting actors, today I am grateful for the awareness that, to this point, those persons could only be seen as such (actors) in my distorted story.

So as I follow the Pathway of Awareness I am relieved to ‘see’ and 'feel' that my circumstance today is manufactured because of my old emotional imprinting.

I have memories of clinging to my mother’s shirt, listening to her melody or lack of,
feeling her bodys vibration in reaction to people and events.
I took it ALL in.
It was the first learning I can remember.

It is no great wonder anymore my extensive ability to be in my fantasy mind.
It is no great mystery, my dependency on the stories I create or subscribe to.

It is a profound GIFT to realize I do not have to participate, protect or defend that old dysfunctional programming.

So it is with Great Pleasure that I use the ‘de-fragmentation’ key and proceed to optimize
an Outdated Operating System, named Suzette.

System Performance Tuning, is not really so complicated once turned on and tuned IN to ‘The Presence Portal’ and “The Presence Process” (excellent manual).

I think its called “Upgrade”.

1 comment:

  1. I feel within me a consuming fire of heavenly love which has burned up my soul everything that was contrary to itself and transformed me inwardly into it's own nature. ~ William Law

    It's the change and awakening required to dismantle all that isn't truly beautiful you...burn baby burn....

    This sharing has brought up a major, intense remembrance with my Mother too, really felt it.

    Thanks for sharing so deeply.