Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sacred Land Enota

Almost two years have passed since I stayed at the Sacred Land of Enota in N. Ga.
Camp site #59, the most exquisit spot nestled between streams and right at a waterfall.
My soul drinks deeply and intuitively in places such as these.

I took a hike in the early morning, followed the stream up delighting in the musical tickles.
:-) The path was mossy earth adorned with the usual stones an twigs...
Then I felt a breeze penetrate the silence and stir the woods. I tell you the truth,.. I watched the first leaf fall. I did not realize what I had witnessed until I was on my way back down and I noticed that the path was now carpeted with fresh leaves, fall leaves. How many times in life are we conscious and awake enough to realize a moment like that? have been a part of it? be changed by it?

Every morning four crows would wake me, squaking impatiently. I lay wrapped in blankets defiantly giggling. Silly crows. When I'd emerge they'd soon fly off. This happened every morning of the seven. The day I found a hawk feather chills went up my back and along my brain. Sweet! I sit at the spot and be still... I am not alone...

That night I had avery disturbing dream. I was traveling somewhere on a bicycle only I had so much stuff piled on the handle bars, covered with a tarp that I could not balance the bike or
see where I was heading. I knew then, one year and eight months ago, I need to let go of 'the stuff'. I sigh,..sometimes feeling so very slow. Yes I get all the required lessons and timley messages, it's just acting on them...well lets just say I am really improving in that area. A little vise grip on the brain has been a real motivator!!! hahaha

I remember swapping a massage for a chiropractic adjustment from a woman there. She had a squirrel she raised from a baby. As I was on the table trying to be in Trust, I have this crazy, assuming squirrel crawl over my face and just hang out there. I was afraid to speak cause I didn't want to startle the rodent, lest he bite my sensitive nose or worse... In her good time she got it off my face then off my shirt but not before he left his calling cards.
Got to love Nature's sense of humor!

Well Enota lives in me now. And I can say, today, that I have finally followed the urgings from Spirit to 'Let Go' of the stuff that weights me down.

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  1. I trust a squirrel on the face is to remember one to get the monkey off our back! What a great sharing so timely and sooooo meaningful!