Saturday, July 18, 2009

Give Me A Moment

I see you at the computer… The energy is mental, dutiful, driven and passionate.
I have been watching you,...
seeing into you, past the routine,
into your being and I miss you.
I want to connect with that Being that I truly adore…

So quietly I approach and ask if I may have your attention for a few minutes.
My soft words slice through the space of the room
landing with a thud into your consciousness…
There is a pause, then a conscious inhale as you look into my eyes.

The PC, a seductive mistress, reluctantly relinquishes her grasp
on my Love.

“I just would like you to be standing in front of me for these few minutes
(smile) OK?”

The old Voice wonders if this is a manipulation and advises caution.
I hear the voice too.
I won’t argue or try to defend.
Let it come with us into these three minutes.
I love it too. It’s part of you.

So there we are face to face. You are taller than me.
I see the right side of you Adams apple, a place I have known even before we met.
I step closer... The tingle of energy like erratic static punctuates the stillness.

I stand there sheltered under the ledge of your chin.
My breath moves through my body and touches your skin...
My lips touch your skin, a precious seal at the apple.

We are both feeling it in our bodies now.
The moment feels eternal, this breath fertile.

“I am finished now,” I whisper, “I let you get back to work."(smile)

The Moment is complete. It wants for nothing.
And the following moment renders the breath kiss a shadow memory,
drifting further away into the Heart of the Apple.
Good night


  1. Love is knowing the 'What' in the 'who' of the everybody, everything, everyone and longing only to merge completely with the absolute knowing of BEING what ONE already is.

    Mwaaaaaa! An apple a day, yummy!

  2. WOW Thats a mouth full!
    Very Profound and True.