Saturday, July 4, 2009

putting a lid on it now

I am reminded every year how much I hate fireworks!
I feel sick. Oh... Suz this is good stuff, contain!
I know this is an emotional charge. I feel angry and judgemental about the men
hanging out in the streets with the kids, Bonding? Celebrating? Having a good time?
Yes I have heard the historical reasons why we do this. I still d0n't get it...
The way things often go, fireworks should be legal everywhere and free , 'reinforcing successive approximations to the desired behavior'. How very Patriotic.
Well this night is going to SUCK!


  1. Most People have no clue how harmful they are to Nature, at 1am I heard our beloved birds chirping strange sounds in the trees...the way it effects them, they are the only ones really seeing stars and stripes as they fall dead from the trees! :(


  2. That is so funny in a kind of sick way. Really tickled my funny bone, "they are the only ones seeing stars and stripes as they fall dead from the trees!"

  3. I'm deeply grateful you walk the Earth Suzette.
    Your Awesome! :D