Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Story Time!!!

NATURE loves us so much she appears in the last line of the Peace Story.
Can YOU find it? What do YOU see?
Hint: the letter I is capable of 'shapeshifting' into any other letter or thing!!!
The question remains, " Is there just one or one and its mirror image?"


  1. You are such a cool trip!

    I looks like one beautiful mirror to me.

    Take 'I' away and you are left with one.

    At least I'm not seeing flying green dragon drool there!


  2. PS loved all you shared about on letting go...
    resisted adding that to my comment due my fear of droning on...but the truth is we are a fountain stored up ,we were created to Gush!

  3. Golden you never drone!!
    I love all that you share. Thank you!

  4. So how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll?
    ( many breaths to the center of our heart?)
    Do you remember Romper Room with Miss Jean and the Magic Mirror? I see Suzette...
    may all our friends have fun at play!

  5. I meant Pop...funny weird day and yet at the same time my body is in pain and I am so glad, talk about paradoxical Tootsie Pops! lol

  6. Hey Golden,
    Yes How many licks does it take to get t the center of the tootsie pop!
    About 5 licks, I could NEVER make it to 10. I gonna buy one tomorrow and try again. I'll let you know toots.

    Ps Didn't watch much tv...Don't remember that.