Monday, August 3, 2009

PEACE ( got a Where- word handy?)

I am awestruck. I don't feel peace, I feel confused.....
It is beautiful. The grounds are beautiful.
I go to the board to be reminded of Hiroshima and Nagasaki vigils in August. I feel sad. The grave yard I visited in North Hampton the day before had several tombstones named August. What does it mean? I take photos but delete them before I fly home. August shouldn't be on a tombstone. August could be remembered in the wind, an Awe gust. The eighth month, a warm month, flowers are everywhere. Bees and butterfly's sucking sweet nectar for free. Let it be...

Altars of stones are everywhere along the path. "Gurunam, let's you and I create one," I muse. We have created a space for our friendship to grow, for our love for life and light to grow.The only physical proof of this is a small stone sculpture on the path of Peace.

I do not need to touch you to know that you love me. I do not need to do anything, only to Be still enough to feel the awe gust of Peace and Love in Truth.

We dance a circle dance at the end of the woman's gathering this night. It's a Sufi song and dance. We stop to face our partner, left hand on the chest, right hand on the heart of the other.
"All I ask of you is forever to remember me ... as loving you..." I look deep into Amar's eyes and she into mine. I feel drenched in love. I hardly know her, yet this love is so strong, it is beyond us. Truly through her eyes I travel into Infinity. I become liquid and drinkable. Yes, this night, we all have become the wine...

What? In the Spirit of Woman in union with Man we create and become created, become involved to evolve. Guided by Spirit, up a steep path to wonder why and what am I doing here? "TRUST," the gentle breeze does impress upon the hairs of my body, taking in all the information, me unaware. Trust, my heart to forward my feet. My mind absent, my feet sure. "I don't think we've met," I smile to myself,.. "I AM...?"
I am alive with a body. Oh, do not be fooled. I am my Fathers daughter and my Mothers Joy.
I forget and I reduce myself to a being in a particular form with a particular story. I am taught to identify with that...mostly. Alas, something has gone awry.


  1. August is the Birthday of the Sun, you feel the Awe-gust because your Inner Sun is shining so bright and the tombstones are just confirming what you share here..."I forget and I reduce myself to a being in a particular form with a particular story", when we 'do' that we are deadening what we truly are. This is what I have learned from you here, appreciate your beautiful sharing and the way it moves our hearts in re-member-dance. <3

  2. Thanks Golden,
    I ask myself if I should post this experience.
    Sometimes I read me And the insecure censor/filter wants to protect
    or hide me. Like a family secret that they have misunderstood
    misjudged and been embarrassed about.
    Shannon shared a quote, went something like... " It is no great accomplishment to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

    I just loved that. I had to ask her to repeat it cause my mind would not hold information on that trip. Thanks be to God, Spirit was leading that journey!!!

    Maybe one day we can sit in circle and sing and dance.