Thursday, August 13, 2009

Enter-The Story

My son Will is an extraordinary boy/man. He is friendly, intuitive and creative.
He can make a friend anywhere, anytime. He also can make an enemy.
Some cannot stand his ease with a crowd and his light hearted joyfulness. They want
to prove something. I have watched Will deal with this scene about once a year.
He knows fighting is always a LAST resort. He is naturally a forgiver and a giver.
He is the one I like to be with when things go wrong, like a broken down car.
We find some shade and have the best time just hanging out waiting for a tow truck.
So,.. I listen to myself with amazement as I ( again) let him know sometimes we have to defend our loved ones and ourselves. It's quite entertaining or shocking because I slip into the 'bad ass' role to make my point clear. Bad language, lower jaw sticking out, taut musculature, I project into his direction, 'The Fighter'.

It feels like when I do this, I have to shut down my heart, my feeling center.
'The loss of innocence', I reflect. It seems to be part of the human condition... Enter-'The Story'.
Feel it, get to know it well. Learn the roles, learn the acts so that one fine day we may have the Joy of letting go of all of that and return to the Heart,.. clean things up, open the windows and breathe.

'Understanding' that only a broken, suffering Spirit would act out in such a way to bully or inflict harm on another or themselves is a valuable awareness. Yet I realize Life requires interaction, the sun to shine on, the rain to fall , mountains to climb, flowers to be pollenated, some wild fires, some controlled burns, storms to weather, a body unnaturally broken, a body naturally healing itself, lots of laughter, lots of tears.

If we are Awake in this Sacred Life then we feel all of these transient realities.

And then there is always the ultimate Truth that beyond the story line, Love and Light reign eternally.
Let it reign.


  1. The insular hard ass chick, well acquainted...
    all our fear...contortions is right!

    Sweet Will of God :)

  2. I totally regressed and ya know it felt great!!!