Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Satyana and Starseed Healing Sanctuary

Satyana is a woman with passion. She accepts the stewardship of Starseed very seriously.
I asked what I could do to help prepare for lunch. She said with a twinkle, "Go out and soak up Starseed." That I did and I will try to tell you something about it, a minute...

This is a picture of Satyana and Gurunam, friends they are. You can feel it and see it, the love and admiration for one another. Gurunam was not feeling up to par rather she seemed to be on the down low. She is wearing the poultice of fresh herbs Satyana made for her on the wrist. We laughed and laughed that Spirit had different plans then we. So after lunch we sat in circle or triangle... At the end of the visit we drummed together for Gurunam. That is when I felt I really knew Satyana. The beats and the sounds were as beautiful as they were powerful, produced and moved by Spirit. Song sprang from us both, back and forth then in unison. Something quickened in my Heart and Soul...I am here.

Large stone sculptures are everywhere. Places to sit and just Be still.
I walk the grounds barefoot. The grass is soft and comforting.
The Peace Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel share their secrets....

Wood is stacked for a fire I will not see. Yet I feel the power of the intentions and alchemy
that runs free at this place...I could stay here forever,..part of my Heart surely will.

This is the meditation room at the retreat house. When you walk in here you want to stay.
There is a Presence. It is friendly and familiar. "Welcome Home," it beams...

This is the Phoenix Chapel. It is new and holds a power of its own.

This, my friends, is the first tree I was drawn to on the property. Having just arrived I headed onward, camera in hand. I am gently pulled to the tree. I walk under it's canopy and look down to find green apples. "WOW, an apple tree,"I am smiling.
Pick one up, take a few bites, "Umm, good."
"I got to get a picture of this", I hold the apple in my hand in front of the lens and make sure the tree is in the frame too. As I am photographing I am remembering the Adam and Eve story. I feel like Eve holding out this apple for Adam to taste.
It was not until later that night that I realized my hand and the apple were Light.
Maybe that was how we were in the beginning, pure Light.
Perhaps that IS how we are in the context of Infinity and Eternity.
Starseed allowed me to 'Let Go' and for a short while 'See' and 'Feel' beyond the Story.
Truly it felt like Home.


  1. It's all so's all so beautiful..

  2. Suzette,

    Thank you for writing about Satyena and Starseed. I am a regular visitor there and friends with both Satyena and Gurunam. It is indeed a magical place and Satyena is indeed a magical womon. You have some great photos of Starseed as well. i smiled for each one I saw, For the knowing of "home" that I feel when there. This is a great blog.

  3. Your visits are appreciated.