Sunday, August 16, 2009

On The Line

" What do you wish?... This moment, tell me your greatest desire..."

I want to hang the freshly washed white cloth on the clothes line,.. out back...

The wicker basket wedged between my arm and waist creaks with every step
as we approach the line and the golden sunbeams enter my eyes sending chills
through my spine.

The line stretches out before me. I take the first white cloth and shake out the twisted experience of being wrung out. There is a snap and a flicker that sails off into the air.
I smile, the intention is clear as I pin, " Start new... Start fresh..."

I let go and watch the line carry the vibrational dance of Freedom.
The elements converge to do their part. The wind swirls along and through.
The Sun radiates its energy and Truth.

The souls of my feet planted firmly in the Earth, my Spirit soars on the
Winds of Change. I am here and everywhere.

My Crow friend signals the cloth is ready.
"Yes?... Oh! Thanks!" I say as my dusty bare feet move
to bring my hand to the dancing new cloth.

I place it into the basket,.. but first
I hold it to my Heart,.. once again.


  1. "I let go and watch the line carry the vibrational dance of Freedom..."
    Poetry in Motion!
    Five Crows showed up here the other day, it's
    been a vey long time since they have visited, remembered me to you...they are so much fun to have around!

    'broth' (for the soul)

  2. Bek asked just now after reading the story, " How can the cloth be ready if you just put it on the line?" Good Question.
    Either I stood there mesmerized for an hour or the concept of 'Time'
    is not relevant to this story.

    i actually felt option one.
    Who cares, right?

    I love the Crow energy too!

  3. Yeah who cares, so we eat crow (energy) once in a while... it's all good! lol


  4. Just a reminder 'dark of the moon', wed. Aug 20.
    I am going to release My Grandparents ashes into the ocean.
    Set them free, set me free.
    It is time...

  5. Your Grandparents ashes... that's so moving, what is dark of the moon about?
    And Um, excuse me but that new picture of you?
    Can we say Gorgeous!? Wow, love it!

  6. Dark of the moon is same significance as dark of the womb...a creative space or a space to create...

    And Um about the new picture,.. Thank you
    It represents me coming out of hiding and Being who and 'what' I am. Big Step for me...
    It is lime...
    Darn that Count,
    Always making me THINK...
    So at 'LAST' I choose to be ME- i mean her...Suzette hhhhhh nevermind.

  7. If there is one single thing that the Universe has taught me thus far, it's to not hide, ever, in any way...'actual' truth is only able to stand and remain standing in the full light of our Inner Sun...I am deeply, deeply, grateful for this beyond deeply deeply painful
    'wake up', to remain fully conscious...
    BE on alert, when behaving covert.

    Beautiful lesson learned in the eleveth hour on 'Dark Of The Moon'!

    I apreciate YOU in all your multi-beingness!

  8. Thank you Golden for sharing the lesson!
    So appreciate!