Saturday, August 1, 2009

ClearPoint Center, Stafford Springs,Ct

Sweet nectar! My visit to ClearPoint was about the beautiful experience of community. From the time I stepped out of the car and was greeted by Steve until I drove circles around town trying to find 91 to leave , I felt the enchantment of the space they (Steve and Shannon) have created together. Thank you both for a life changing experience.

Stafford Springs Library has Shannon's art work.
This one is titled," The Fallen Sparrow." There is no point in trying to tell about Shannons paintings. Just know you will feel them in your heart, body and soul...

Shannon at blueberry patch. As I was picking blueberries trying to collect and save as many as I seemed to be eating, Stephen Law shared the memory of feeding blueberries to his young son. He said it was so precious because the mother is in the beginning the provider of food nurishment . He remembered those little fingers grasping blueberries from his hand and feeling the joy of now providing a delightful treat for his little growing son. It was a beautiful story from a conscious and involved father. It was an honor to meet your family!

Sunset at Clearpoint. This picture was taken after the picnic style dinner was shared on the ground in the back yard. It was special to experience the amazing people that met for this enlightening funshop weekend. I grew tired early and left the group to bathe, breathe and go to bed. I sleep with a pillow over my ear yet was awakened by what I thought was the song of a mosquito. I took the pillow off and listened intentently feeling moved and the drawn by the enchanting sound. I followed down stairs and out into the dark of the back yard. As I stared into blackness the music stopped. I stood barefoot on the stone steps wondering what had happened. After my inquiry I realized the music was created by Del Orloske playing his Native American flute to the whole group, sitting in darkness in the back yard at the end of the night... I will always remember that song. Thank you.

Shannon holding the Chalice I found in the woods out back. "Your giving it to me?," Shannon asked me. "Of course, it's yours," I replied with a smile. Aren't those the best gifts,
when we recieve what is already ours?

Del, Daniel and Steve talking about the uses of Poison Ivy.? Many wild plants were identified as useful for food or medicine. It's amazing what resources are growing ( some posing as weeds) in the back yard!

Tent site out back. Nature is Alive and well out here. I spent mornings quietly
immersed in her loving presense. The last morning, early, before the birds sang I walked barefoot up the hill and into the woods. The trees were welcoming and spoke to my thirsty Heart. A large stone called to me, "Come and Sit , My Love." And so I did. There was a soft bed of pine needles blanketing the stone. I sat crosslegged wrapped in my Mexican blanket, listening,.. feeling,.. enraptured in the experience of the moment. A song grew within me . Bigger and bigger it swelled, enlisting my attention,..begging for release. My breath played the vocal chords , the trees began to dance, the birds sailed the current of Alchemy. The Stone and I were One. Then little by little, All came together in a Divine Union, I will call Now.

End of Seminar.... Steve's Stillness time... He is dynamic and strong by nature.
I imagine there is no reality to the concept of ' limitation' in his experience. He seems steady and centered like a huge Sacred Stone. I felt tickled to capture him in this still moment at ClearPoint.

Back from the library( to look at her paintings).
We had a lot of questions. We kept her there over an hour!!!
What fun!!! When we got back into the center, she curled up onto the couch like a
Persian Cat, at peace and perhaps purring softly. Good Nap Sister.


  1. WOWIE ZOWIE!!!!!! How cool is all that? And to find a 'CHALICE' in the woods too? Way beyond way especially for you, may your cup runneth over...coo-coo... :D

  2. Hello Golden!
    It was wonderful.

  3. You are a blessing, Suzette!!!

    Thank you for you.

  4. The Chalice of you filling up, spilling Love. Blessing for sure. <3~*~*~*

  5. YES the answer is Yes!!!
    History does repeat it self for the most part anyway.

  6. Look forward to seeing you again.