Monday, June 22, 2009

Swamp People and Medicinal Tea.

This is our friend the Swamp Man.
He built his house out of fallen Cypress.
The kitchen cabinets have Cypress knees for handles.
He's got lots of stories and lots on energy .
He drinks this mushroom tea several times a day!
It tastes awful.

Here we are at cypress swamp.
It's about 102 degrees.
No one here uses A C or deodorant.
They are all very healthy.
They make tea from Turkey tail (below).
It has pores not gills underneath.

This is called Ganoderma. Grows on decaying Oaks.
This one is the most potent.

These Swamp People are very kind and interesting with lots of weird habits.
They all play several musical instruments and have jam sessions under the stars.
They live very close to the Mother.


  1. Night before last, my Brother who lived in China for many years and I were talking about how similar the delicious Chinese greens with little yellow flowers we were eating were to those that my Pa from the South would fix, and how in Chinese medicine too, the use of the same mushrooms like Ganoderma etc. are honored as medicinal and appreciated for their nurturment. He loves his funky tea too! Wow Our Mother Earth! How beautiful it is there! Amen for the swamp peeps!

  2. Good Morning Golden!
    You shine like the Sun.
    I can feel it. :)

  3. I cry. I feel you too. I missed you on the 'outside' Suzette. But on the 'inside', I often see little word verifications floating down like fortune cookie banners of confetti in great vibes. I was so paranoid about that because I had gotten in the habit of only leaving comments when they were good words and then you started talking about them, I thought you were reading my mind and all this paranoia streamed out...
    Your inner Sun shines too, even in the deep dark. +:)