Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fallen Tree

The Fallen Tree

I arrived. She said, “We lost a tree in yesterdays hail storm. It was like a mini Hurricane.”

The words dispersed into air not really reaching me. As I sat by the lake later that afternoon on the floating dock I was serenaded by a red winged blackbird and I was reminded of my ancient song. Yeah… you know the one that gives life. Ahhh, good timing to remember that. With little warning I feel life force drain from me. “This is required,” I know you told me that already.

Well I looked over and saw a Grand Oak lying on the ground, half its roots broken. It is still alive; a little traumatized but still connected to the Mother,

I just stared into its center. They are called ‘Standing People.’ To see one is this compromised position, well it hit home. Struck me hard, it did. I remembered that in the past the trees brought down during the storms seemed to live on half roots. So …So?

Uncle said during dinner he’ll have it chopped and removed. I pleaded for the trees life. “It’s still alive. It will live. Plus, I have identified with that tree,” I said in earnest.

“Well, go find another tree to identify with” he said. And I knew there was some kind of wisdom in that statement... But tonight I cried at the thought of that tree being ripped up and hacked apart. “No wait I’m not finished yet!” my heart cringed. And all I can FEEL is me in that tree and that tree in me just trying to hang on after years of being willing to let go. Now I am hanging on because it’s not time yet, “It is not my time yet.”

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