Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Formation Droppings

What do YOU see?


  1. Oh yeah! I see it now, sweet doe Dear! :)

  2. I was driving around today contemplating my brain mri scheduled for later in the day. I a bit claustrotphobic. I also was worried that it might screw up my reception abilities. then out of air came this glorious SPLAT on my windsheild, brought me right into the now!I was really tickled at the intresting color(burnt sienna/hunter green/yellow,mixed) and shape. I saw a deer than a wild boar. Ma saw a wolf. WHY does any of this matter?(you did ask that right?)hahaha It matters cause I said, "ok suz you take the pic and if after the mri you still see animals and you still want to post that means you still you."

    They gave me ear plugs (i sound sensitive) and ear muff things. I said,"no music please." Mostly it was relaxing. I didn't want to take the pills doc gave me to relax. Thought I should feel and contain . So i did. It actually felt good during and after. I smiled remembering the friendly lightbeing i imagined working on me during the test.

  3. Oh Suzette, A brain MRI??? You 'see' sooo beautifully. You be'd with righteous, not freakin' out!
    Talk about reception, last night I heard crystal clear a voice say; "Love Amplifies"

  4. Yes, Love you till full!
    Noticed sensations in my brain after that awesome christmas retreat.I have always gotten the spirit tingles but these were more intense.
    Not uncomfortable but different like an energy worker was laying hands on my skull.
    Then January moon I spent the night in the yurt with a special woman visiting from (Quebec)Canada.
    We drumed and journeyed and around 3 am she gave me a diksha blessing. That was very intense and a little bit scary cause i saw her energetic body as a praying mantis during her hands on blessing. She also had star energy and brought a Native American water song.

    Anyway, headaches that move around ,occasional and mild. Some dizziness and disorientation very occasionally. I have to say that after the mri I felt aligned and clear. go figure. Still have mild aches but I know just integrating some new energy. Well that is the current story. Today or Monday I'll find out what their version of MY story is. hahaha
    I am not afraid. I KNOW this is required. I have made and agreement to participate fully in
    an expansive shift. I trust this is Divine Order.

  5. Yeah!!! I love hearing about your awesome be a Wild Child O' Source!