Wednesday, July 6, 2011

With You

I live in a house with 4 beautiful women.

We laugh, we dance, we play and sometimes we cry.

We share beautiful company. We allow for space to move between us.

But tonight my friends… we are all alone. Where is the man?

We all long to be held by that strong masculine energy.

Not just any man… one who cares deeply, one who will be here

with a hand out stretched through thick and thin.

One that will hold us passionately yet will be strong enough

and secure enough to let us go when necessary.

Hold me tight but not too tight. O god… hold me so close.

I want to feel your pulse on my skin. I want to hear your heart beating,

coming like waves, surrounding then settling into my heart.

Why must I be alone? Why? I have so much love to give.

Why can’t we be together? Why must our dance always be in the ethers?

Why am I afraid I will not live up to your expectations?

Why do I long for this union?

The world is a mess. We have tried everything. Or have we?

Perhaps we should be with our man.

Maybe tonight we’d be making love to each other, so passionately,

so freely, letting the waves of compounded Love mediate this beloved planet.

O god, could it be that simple? Let’s make love.

Let us touch with our fingers the face of the beloved.

Let us sing out joy and ecstasy, witnessing its ebb and flow into space.

The rhythm is our medicine. Share this cup with me.

I am so tired of being alone… and yet it is what I have required.

It is what I have asked for, so that I could grow gracefully

into recognition of the woman that I am.

Your lips are so close to mine, in this vision that takes on dimensions.

Kiss me…

Then just be still and meet me.

Only the breath dances now, out of our control.

I feel our cheeks meet and veer away. A test. A taste of greetings. It’s our time.

O magnificent man, I have waited so long. You show up…in my minds eye…

Let your body follow the love song that my heart sings.

Love is to be shared.

I have loved so much but I have not the physical love of a man.

The time is soon.

I want to be home,

with you.