Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Journey

If Graceland is a castle then the impending city is a moat… threatening to snag one with its assortment of metal teeth not even carefully hidden. She said, she has never seen anything like it and I heard fear in her voice, something a mother would rather not… And I set appropriate signals, in my covert desperation to adjust the psychological flight plan… real time, wondering if the panel at the control tower would even recognize my finger print to take command, this moment. I never did break a sweat because I remembered her brilliance and her grace. Surly she has favor with the most High and will be guided past the unmentionables and into a safe haven where she would find peace and rest until dawn… It is then, in the light of a new day, that the warrior woman will navigate back through same burdensome truth to reach a dream and a life long passion. It is the way of all things great. So. I will sleep peacefully tonight knowing you are Gods child, sent here for a special purpose and I will trust Him to grow you into that station…perfectly.