Sunday, July 10, 2011

*8* Supreme Executive Council

Re: Organization of Council Members.

O k. It is obvious this is required.

Mother Teresa had been assigned to Finance Division.

Yeah, I see now why that has been a problem.

Gandhi you are being relieved of Food Services and Meal Planning.

Yes, you will be able to keep your whites for the new position.

Teilhard de Chardin you are being asked to step down from, Leader of Security and Enforcement. The Vatican agreed to turn over the program that deciphers and decodes all the holy books and scrolls. They said you were right, it all distills into one word/action… Love. They asked that you work with Emerson for a kind of hybrid theology to placate the intellectuals until we redirect their circuitry back into the heart.

Royal Rife… Well friend, I think we will take you off the bar and reassign you to Research and Development. How does that sound? Yes, you can have your laboratory back. Just see Rockefeller after this meeting. We have spoken and the order is already entered.

Oh and Ben, listen I know we have had the most amazing times. That crazy kite night, ha. God I haven’t laughed that much since the 13 th century…Now we have an important mission that is time sensitive and I really need you on board, man. What do ya say? And yes, I talked to the porter and we have an endless supply of candles and I did find the old bifocals at the local thrift shop. That absolutely no problem. Yep we have plenty of that stored in the cellar too. Talk to Einstein. He is recalibrating the instruments as we speak.

For the others who so devotedly have shown up, with the steadfast trust that

we are gonna turn this baby around, I say with the fullest heart, thank you!

There are sign up sheets at the back of the room, see Mary M.

We want you to do the service work that you love.

Thank you all for being here.

Enjoy the fountain of pure and natural spring water,

complements of Bill W.

Those of you who prefer sour grapes just talk to Jesus.

Ha! Your in for a real treat!

Welcome aboard and full sails ahead.